Valorant cosplayer blows fans away with perfect Jett outfit

Valorant Jett / Twitter: Wanderlustluca

Super talented cosplayer ‘Wanderlustluca’ on Twitter has wowed Valorant fans with her uncanny recreation of agile fighter Jett.

The tactical first-person shooter by Riot Games has gained a huge amount of traction since its beta release in April 2020, and its official release later in June. Set in the near future, players take on the role of one of many agents who represent different nations.

Jett is one such agent who comes from South Korea, and uses her snappy movement and teleportation based dash abilities to evade opponents and gain the upper hand.

Riot Games
Jett is able to reach this new spot thanks to her ‘Updraft’ ability.

Wanderlustluca is a cosplayer that frequently recreates characters from universes such as DC comics, League of Legends, and of course Valorant. This particular Jett cosplay has gained over 5000 likes since it was posted on September 2, people loving her attention to detail, and likeness to the popular character.

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Her icy white wig perfectly resembles Jett’s striking locks, with her chiseled makeup and dewy lipstick giving her that slightly animated look.

Her outfit is on point, the suit a perfect tessellation of blue, grey and black panels making her look just ready for battle, and of course the air symbol swirl on her shoulder as a marker of Jett’s unique air-based powers.

This is topped off with her knives, one of which clipped to her belt, and the other edited to appear as though it is hovering above her hand, air swirling underneath it.

People loved it, one fan saying “the outfit is amazing! The hair is perfect!” and that she is “a master at that as per usual.” Even people who knew nothing about Valorant were stunned, saying “gotta keep it 1000, I have no idea who this character is… But YOU look so damn cool in this cosplay.”

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This isn’t the first time this cosplayer has delved into the Valorant world, previously having artfully recreated a casual Viper look that got over 15,000 likes on Instagram.

Based on the positive reaction to this fantastic cosplay, people hope that Wanderlustluca will dip into the waters of Valorant again sometime in the future.