Stunning Valorant cosplayer casts a spell as the Sentinel Sage

Cosplayer dresses as Sage from ValorantRiot Games/Instagram/xangelicvenusx

Valorant’s Sage has proven to be a very popular character to cosplay ever since her reveal, and yet another cosplayer has stepped up to the plate to show their version of the agent.

Cosplayer ‘xangelicvenusx,’ also known as Emily, showcased her cosplay in an Instagram post on September 8 alongside a series of photos.

The outfit does a nice job as mimicking Sage’s attire with her white clothing blended nicely with the additional teal and purple hues.

Emily also took pains and paid attention to the design’s small details: For example, she made sure to include Sage’s teal earrings, wrist armor, and the patch on her shoulder.

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“I am shield and sword, never forget that!” the cosplayer posted as the caption for her photoshoot.

Additionally, with the help of some photo editing, she managed to include some of the agent’s orbs – key component of Sage’s kit that create barriers, heal and slow.

Emily’s hair also lines up nicely with Sage’s, completing the look and making sure there’s no doubts who she is dressed as.

Sage in ValorantRiot Games
Sage has been a popular character to cosplay.

While conventions are sadly still a ways off, at least cosplayers are still perfecting their craft from home. It’s looking likely that we’ll be seeing a lot more Valorant cosplays once conventions start back up; after all, the game was only released just this year.

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In addition to Sage, xangelicvenusx has also cosplayed as Yumeko from the hit gambling anime Kakegurui, Chloe Price from Life is Strange, and even Ahri and Jinx from Riot’s other popular game, the MOBA League of Legends.

As Valorant keeps adding new agents, it’s likely we’ll see Emily cosplay even more characters from Riot’s tactical FPS – and we can’t wait to see what she plans to whip up next, considering the variety of her cosplays.