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Valorant cosplayer perfects Killjoy with inventive and colorful ensemble

Published: 5/Aug/2020 23:11

by Theo Salaun


Killjoy, Valorant’s newest Agent, is a crafty inventor from Germany – but an Argentinian content creator, Glory Lamothe, has paid her homage with an incredibly accurate cosplay.

Dressed in a bright yellow puffer jacket emblazoned with pink patches and complemented by a green beanie, ripped jeans, sneakers, and all of the accessories befitting a stylish 2020 hipster — Killjoy boasts one of Valorant’s most relatable character designs. Glasses, sneakers, and glitch pop energy combined, Lamothe has brought Riot Games’ latest creation to life.

killjoy turret
Riot Games
Killjoy’s automated turret has the little yellow face to match her puffer jacket.

While Lamothe didn’t build Killjoy’s little Turret or Alarmbot, she did make the entire outfit herself. Rocking a sniper rifle and jet-black hair striking out from her skullie, Amothe is as close to a real-life version of the German inventor as one could get.

With utility belts galore and what appears to be Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenade in hand, Lamothe isn’t just comfortable playing the part; she seems fully equipped to wreak some havoc on any of Valorant’s four maps in Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split.



A cosplay made in collaboration with Valorant’s official Latin American social media team, Riot Games is likely very enthused with her effort – especially because she brought such vibrant, eclectic energy to the look with her choice of scenery.

Killjoy’s debut was set for August 4 and was accompanied by the release of a new skinline pack, the Glitchpop bundle, which is all flash, color, and bright lights – kind of like the new Agent’s preferred aesthetic.

As described by Valorant’s Senior Weapons Artist Chris Stone, the Glitchpop pack evokes the energy of a “dystopian future where death has no consequences and so people are buying guns.” Concept Artist Sean Bigham echoed that sentiment and emphasized that this pack’s “playful” nature is an intended contrast to the dystopian context of Valorant’s lore.


The neon, bright background of Lamothe’s scenery and the colorful, jolly stickers placed on her sniper rifle evoke that same Glitchpop energy,  key to both the new skinline and new character.

While the outfit is on-point, it’s that attention to Killjoy’s tastes that set this magnificent cosplay apart from the rest.


Overwatch cosplayer creates incredible bunny version of D.Va

Published: 15/Oct/2020 17:43

by Georgina Smith


Fans of the game Overwatch and one of its most popular characters have been wowed by a talented cosplayer who did her own take on a bunny-themed D.Va to match her classic logo.

Overwatch is popular not just for its action-based gameplay, but also for remarkably fleshed out cast of playable heroes, each with their own personalities, backstories, and special abilities. This makes them perfect for cosplayers to test their skills on.


One stand out character of the bunch has been D.Va, former pro-gamer in Korea turned mech pilot. Her bright aesthetic and fierce battle skills landing her among some of the most popular characters in the game.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va remains one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes.

Her signature logo is a pink and white bunny, and cosplayer nymphahri took this aesthetic to the next level by adapting D.Va’s regular skin into an adorable bunny version, looking every bit the part of the bright mecha pilot.


Nymphahri’s leotard is an indigo blu, lines with a fluffy white trim, along with two cute bows attached to the top of each leg in D.Va’s usual pink color.

Around her neck is a thick white necklace, another statement bow with the classic bunny cutout attached to the middle, the soft pink matching with the ribbons on her legs showing her acute attention to detail.


The awesome cosplayer has kept with D.Va’s trademark face paint, four pink triangles that sit on her cheeks, and tie in her rosy makeup together in a way that looks practically animated.

And to top it off, attached to her headphones are two huge bunny ears that are again lined with white fluff, making her the spitting image of D.Va’s own logo.

The stunning cosplay is a fantastic recreation, and will certainly reignite fans wish for an actual D.Va bunny skin in-game.