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Valkyrae leaves Marvel fans speechless with eye-popping Elektra cosplay

Published: 10/Nov/2021 7:56

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has been known to dish up some incredible cosplays from time to time, and she left fans speechless with a magnificent transformation into Marvel’s Elektra.

Valkyrae might be one of the most popular streamers in the world, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting other things done, too.

In April 2021, she became a co-owner of the prestigious 100 Thieves esports organization. She also tried to launch her own skincare line RFLCTwhich led to plenty of criticism due to unverified “blue light” claims. didn’t work out.

Rae isn’t all about business endeavors, though. Most people don’t realize she’s a talented cosplayer, too. Look no further than her stunning take on Viper from Valorant.


100 Thieves
Valkyrae can do it all, from streaming and co-owning esports organizations, to cosplay.

Rae decided to celebrate Halloween a little later than usual by transforming herself into Marvel’s Elektra.

Described as a “highly trained assassin,” Elektra uses a pair of sai to slash down anyone in her way.

The cosplay included everything from the sai, to a picture-perfect recreation of her iconic ninja-like outfit, armguards, and even her trademark blue eyes. She even added an image from the comics in her post for comparison.

Rae’s fans couldn’t get enough of it. They described it as amazing, beautiful, stunning, and more.

It’s drawn almost 100,000 likes and been re-tweeted 5,000 times in less than a day, and that momentum isn’t slowing down.


While she doesn’t cosplay all too often, Halloween does bring out the dress-ups in force. Sure, it’s a late entry all things considered, but it’s a hit regardless.