The Witcher 3 cosplay brings Shani to life as your next Gwent opponent

Brad Norton
Instagram: Ladalyumos / CD Projekt

Shani could be the most challenging Gwent opponent you’ll stumble upon in your real-world travels thanks to this tremendous Witcher 3 cosplay.

A prominent character throughout Geralt’s many adventures in the video game adaptations, Shani is a benevolent figure that left an indelible mark on the heart of the central protagonist. With countless newcomers diving into the series years after the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, many are only just discovering the impact of the character for the very first time. 

While the medical expert is yet to make an appearance in one of the many timelines presented throughout the 2019 Netflix series, that hasn’t stopped avid cosplayers from bringing the charming character to life in their own spectacular ways.

CD Projekt
CD Projekt Red
Shani is a potential romantic interest for Geralt in The Witcher 3 expansion Hearts of Stone

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Popular cosplayer Lada Lyumos has gained a reputation for her impressive gaming-themed costume designs and a recent creation has brought The Witcher’s Shani to life in a vivid locale. 

Donning her trusty green and red attire with the perfect wig to accompany the fiery character, it’s evident no stone was left unturned when bringing the costume together.

From the immaculately recreated outfit to the medical symbolism the character wears around her neck at all times, even the most minuscule details have been realized in this cosplay.

Reddit: LadaLyumos
Shani appears to have an impressive collection of Scoia’tael Gwent cards.

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While the outfit itself provides a tremendously accurate portrayal of the character, the setting of the photoshoot is what truly sells the authenticity.

Sitting at a table littered with Gwent cards, the cosplay pits Shani in the midst of a tense game. With six Scoia’tael-based cards in hand already, and plenty more filling her side of the board, the character is drawing yet another card in attempt to overpower her opponent.

Having even gone to the trouble of laying out a Monster-themed deck on the opposite side of the table, every minor detail has been taken into account in order to set the scene and truly bring this game of Gwent to life.

Instagram: ladalyumos
An earlier version of Lada Lyumos’ Shani cosplay.

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Evidently a huge fan of The Witcher franchise, the cosplayer has put together a number of equally impressive pieces to accompany her Shani attire. 

From the whimsical sorceress Keira Metz to the ever-charming Triss Merigold, Lada Lyumos has impressively recreated enough characters to host a tavern-full of Gwent competition.