The Witcher cosplayer debuts enchanting take on Yennefer

Instagram: katekeycosplay / CD Projekt Red

Cosplayer and model Kate Key showed off an incredible version of Yennefer from The Witcher 3, bringing the ‘Horsewoman of War’ to life in stunning detail.

The Witcher is a hot topic on the internet, as fans of the games tune in to Netflix in their droves to watch the first series of the TV series based on the legendary franchise, with hundreds of thousands flooding back to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as their imaginations run wild after viewing the series.

While the series may be focused on Geralt of Rivia and his quest to find and protect his adopted daughter Ciri, the love of his life Yennefer plays a major role in the girl’s upbringing, raising her as one of her own and protecting her when the Wild Hunt come searching for Ciri, in hopes of using her vast magical powers for nefarious reasons.

CD Projekt RedYennefer is the adoptive mother of Ciri in The Witcher.

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Posted to the /r/Cosplay subreddit, Kate Key showed off her incredible rendition of Yennefer, nailing one of the character’s most iconic looks from the game.

Around her shoulderless top are the same dangling feathers that Yennefer wears, although Key has gone for a purple hue to the feathers to match the character’s distinctive eyes rather than the green which is often seen. Her long, black hair falls down almost identically to the character, and the leather corset with a black belt that she wears is equally as detailed.

The cosplayer even went as far as to perfect the metallic kneepads that the Horsewoman of War can be seen sporting in the game, with the Vengerberg crest engraved on them, and the lace stockings that she wears underneath when donning this attire in-game.

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The Spain-native posted the outfit in celebration of the launch of The Witcher series, which debuted on Friday, December 20 to mixed reviews, with some calling the show cheesy, while others fell in love with the magical realm in which the series unfolds.

Of course, The Witcher has been a part of popular culture for years, with the first of Andrezj Sapkowski’s books releasing back in 1992, with comic books, tabletop games, and of course the video game franchise all spawning from the incredible tales woven by the author all those years ago.

With so much lore and history, it’s no surprise that Key was inspired to create this incredible costume, and it may encourage others to do just the same as they pay homage to Yennefer, the Horsewoman of War.