Talented Overwatch fan shows off incredible Baihu Genji cosplay

Meg Bethany Koepp. Last updated: May 02, 2022
Blizzard Entertainment

A skilled Overwatch fan has created an incredibly detailed Baihu Genji cosplay, complete with an equally precise replica of his sword.

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Overwatch is currently in the beginning days of its Anniversary 2019 event, a yearly occurance in which all character unlocks from every past event are available to either purchase with in-game currency, or to win from a loot box.

One of the past skins up for grabs during the Anniversary is Baihu Genji, a skin first introduced in the Lunar New Year 2018 event, and talented fan babycubez has literally brought the outfit to life in their beautiful cosplay.

Blizzard Entertainment / babycubez
The incredible cosplay looks like it’s come straight out of the game itself.

In a post on the official Overwatch subreddit, babycubez proudly showed off their creation, saying, “Happy Anniversary, Overwatch. Thank you for bringing us these amazing characters throughout years. This is one of my proudest costume works. [I] made this for my good friend and cosplayer /u/Vijaycos.”

Vijaycos is presumably the person modelling the Genji attire in the photos but even if they’re not, they’re incredibly lucky to have been given this incredibly detailed costume.

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“The dedication to make that is incredible. That costume looks amazing! Great job,” commented one user. “It took me almost 4 months finishing everything as clean as I could make as planned. Thank you for the kind words,” babycubez replied.

Overwatch cosplayers are a talented bunch

While proficient cosplayers aren’t strictly all Overwatch-based, the game definitely has its fair share of costume wizards.

Julia from Denalism Cosplay showed off her perfect rendition of Overwatch’s 29th hero Ashe, sharing photos of herself in the character’s default outfit on Twitter.

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“I’m so proud of this costume, y’all!” Julia tweeted, also giving out out details on how Ashe’s gun was made, “I purchased a file and 3d printed/finished/painted it!”

Her cosplay is so on-point that it almost looks like Ashe has stepped out of the game herself – pair her with a BOB sidekick and it’d be perfect.