Overwatch fan creates incredible Quake-inspired Workshop mode

Blizzard / Quake Twitter

The Overwatch community has been making increasingly impressive game types in the Workshop, and one of the latest creations introduces a popular mode from legendary franchise Quake into the new age.

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Blizzard introduced the Workshop to the PTR in late April 2019, and players have made everything from practice tools to modes that give a completely new spin to Overwatch’s base formula.

The early stages of a new build is giving a lot of longtime FPS players a rush of nostalgia since it perfectly recreates the iconic movement from Quake games, while coupling it with mechanics from the popular Freeze Tag mode of old.

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BlizzardAshe is the perfect hero to have in the Quake mode to capture that unique mobility.

In a Reddit post, user ‘SkyeRaf’ revealed what they’ve been working on that would give Overwatch players a small taste of the classic shooter.

Describing the Workshop product as a “Quake-based instagib Freeze Tag,” the Redditor figured out a way to get nearly all of the movement down that made the id Software titles feel so distinct from other shooters, even today.

“Almost there,” SkyeRaf exclaimed in reply to someone who was impressed with the mode. “I still gotta add strafe jumping and prevent players from overly spamming aerial ADAD!”

While right now the build is limited to only Freeze Tag, which players can get into with Code: X37VG, SkyeRaf says they are more than willing to explore a more fleshed out design.

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Is there going to be a Quake mode more true to the original game in Overwatch?

Even though SkyeRaf has hit on the start of something that can be wildly popular among Overwatch players and beyond, it’s still not where the creator wants his mode to be.

The Redditor has plans to incorporate a ton of features that add the overall experience that will hopefully make it feel more like Quake.

id SoftwareIt might be a while before Overwatch players get (close to) the full Quake experience on Blizzard’s servers.
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“When possible, I would definitely want to [build a Quake mod in Overwatch],” SkyeRaf said. “I have plans in the future that are not possible right now: Weapon switching + configuring all weapons to be like they were in Quake, maps (if a map editor comes out) like Campgrounds and Retribution, being able to play announcer sounds whenever I want to, etc.”

SkyeRaf has undoubtedly left some players to eagerly anticipate more progress in his Quake mode, but players will just have to be patient to see how the mode will evolve into over time.