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Brilliant Overwatch cosplay brings Ashe to life

Published: 17/Mar/2019 19:58 Updated: 17/Mar/2019 20:02

by Virginia Glaze


Overwatch’s gun-slinging hero, Ashe, isn’t just confined to the game – thanks to the skills of one talented cosplayer, the Deadlock Gang leader is now part of the real world!

Cosplayer Juli ‘Denialism Cosplay’ uploaded a hyper-accurate take on Overwatch’s Ashe to Twitter on March 10, featuring the hero’s signature hat, vest, and gloves – alongside her deadly rifle, the ‘Viper.’


In fact, Julia’s Ashe is so accurate that she very well could have stepped out of the game, herself; the only thing she’s missing is her sturdy sidekick, B.O.B., should any enemies come her way in the interim (or, possibly, a McCree).


Julia uploaded a more risque take on the character, as well, putting together a unique ‘boudoir’ Ashe cosplay set to pair alongside the character’s official design.

That’s not the only Overwatch cosplay Julia has crafted, either; the cosplayer likewise created a rendition of the game’s ‘Pachimari’ plush toys and D.Va’s neon-toned ‘Nano Cola’ skin – complete with a promotional poster, to boot!


Julia has cosplayed a number of characters from multiple games and anime series, including Himiko Toga from ‘My Hero Academia,’ Ibuki and Juri from ‘Street Fighter V,’ and even Lady Maria from ‘Bloodborne.’


Although Julia’s cosplays are top-notch, that’s not all she’s known for – she even takes her own cosplay photos, rendering her entire creative process a stunning one-man operation.


While Ashe is one of Overwatch’s newer heroes, the game recently unveiled support hero Baptiste, who will go live for all players on March 19.