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Every new Overwatch Anniversary 2019 skin – Pictures, rarities, and more

Published: 21/May/2019 19:30 Updated: 21/May/2019 22:30

by Bill Cooney


The Overwatch Anniversary event has finally arrived and it brings 11 new skins, five Epic and six Legendary for players to collect.

Overwatch only revealed two skins, both Legendaries for D.Va and Winston before the event began, so players didn’t really have an idea of what the new skins were until the event went live.


Listed below are all of the new skins for Overwatch’s 2019 Anniversary event with the Epic skins first followed by the Legendaries.

Midnight D.Va

Blizzard EntertainmentWe get two new D.Va skins this event, lucky us.

The Overwatch gods seem to have favored D.Va mains for this event because she gets two new skins with Midnight being the new Epic.


The Midnight skin has similar pink to her classic skin, except with carbon fiber throughout and Baby D.Va has black hair instead of her usual brunette. 

Oro Sombra

Blizzard Entertainment“Oro” is Spanish for gold.

Sombra also gets a new Epic skin that gives her a gold color palette and an extra layer of eyeliner.

It may not be the craziest new skin, but Sombra players will definitely appreciate the surprise new skin for their hero.


Electric Widow

Blizzard EntertainmentThe new Electric Widow skin is pretty shocking (sorry).

It wouldn’t be an event without a new Widow skin and Electric Widow is pretty good-looking, as far as Epic skins go.

She’s been given some teal hair and white armor, with her gun getting the same color palette as well.

Carbon Fiber Pharah

Blizzard EntertainmentPharah, like D.Va, also got two skins for Anniversary 2019.

The first of Pharah’s two skins for this year’s Anniversary and Like D.Va’s skin of the same name, the Epic one changes her armor to look like Carbon Fiber.


This skin definitely looks pretty sleek and along with the Carbon Fiber pattern it also has a few red panels as well.

Carbon Fiber Doomfist

A skin definitely worthy of a Talon boss.

Someone at Blizzard was obviously a fan of the Carbon Fiber pattern this year, because Doomfist got a skin featuring the design as well.


Like most Epic skins it doesn’t change a ton, but does make his fist and regular arm covered in Carbon Fiber and some new paint on his head.

Gargoyle Winston

Gargoyle Winston, in his natural habitat.

We’ve already covered Winston’s new Gargoyle skin, since it was one of the skins revealed ahead of time for this event.

The coolest part of this skin might just be Winston’s Tesla Cannon, which has been transformed into a mini handheld cathedral, complete with stained glass windows.

Academy D.Va

Did D.Va’s new skin “break the internet”? The jury is still out.

Academy D.va was the other skin previewed by Blizzard before the event officially began and it was the most highly anticipated skin for this year’s Anniversary event, for D.Va mains at least.

It gives D.Va’s MEKA an even more mech-like look with a robot head that looks very similar to the video game in D.Va’s room on the Busan MEKA base map.

Baby D.Va gets a very appropriate student outfit and some glasses that players either love or hate, for whatever reason.

Honeydew Mei

Blizzard EntertainmentBeing Overwatch’s meteorologist obviously doesn’t pay all the bills.

Mei’s new legendary skin for Anniversary 2019 was actually leaked before the start of the event, but it’s still pretty awesome either way.

Overwatch’s resident meteorologist looks ready to serve up some smoothies and Snowball makes the cutest smoothie shop mascot we’ve ever seen.

Riot Police Brigitte

Blizzard Entertainment“Respect my Authority!” -Brigitte mains, probably.

There may be no better skin for Brigitte than a Riot Cop and she looks ready to beat down some protestors, peaceful or not, or anyone attempting to get close to the point.

Brigitte is decked out in full riot gear and even has red and blue sirens placed inside her helmet.

With this skin, it looks like Officer D.Va will finally be able to get some backup when things get out of hand and the enemy team gets a little rowdy. 

Toxic Roadhog

Blizzard Entertainment“Toxic” Roadhog? But Roadhog players are some of the nicest out there…

One of the most unique skins for this year’s Anniversary Event is Toxic Roadhog, he’s decked out in a full Haz-Mat suit with a globe containing a skull and some toxic waste where his head should be.

Some players might think Junkrat would be a much more worthy recipient of the “Toxic” skin, but either way, this could be one of Roadhog’s best yet.

Orbital Pharah

Pharah’s burning out her fuse up there alone.

Last, but certainly not least, is Pharah’s new Legendary skin called Orbital, which for a hero that has a jetpack, is very appropriate.

Like the name suggests, Pharah is ready to go into orbit around Horizon with a spacesuit and a clear space helmet that will look really good in her highlight intros.


Overwatch meets WarCraft with epic RTS custom game mode

Published: 7/Oct/2020 0:12

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch and RTS games like WarCraft and StarCraft might seem like complete opposites, but the two styles have been combined into a very promising-looking Workshop mode that lets you control multiple heroes as if they were individual units.

If we look at Blizzard games like one big family tree, then the StarCraft and Warcraft franchises could probably be considered something like Overwatch’s grandparents.


Back in the day StarCraft especially was one of the biggest esports on the planet, but the RTS genre has sadly fallen to wayside in recent years. Both still have dedicated communities though (even after the disaster that was Reforged) and it’s safe to say a good number also play Overwatch now as well.

Irish Overwatch manager Andygmb clearly hasn’t outgrown his love for real-time strategy, not that one ever does, decided to take the top down style from those games and apply it to all of our favorite heroes using Josbird’s cursor tool in the Workshop mode.


Demo of a MOBA / RTS style control scheme in the Workshop! The possibilities with the workshop are endless! from Overwatch

You can scroll around the map, and drag the map to select multiple units and control them all at once. Like an RTS game, you can tell them where to go, and when to attack something.

Right off the top of our heads if they ever were to make an Overwatch game like this, we’d wager that Roadhog rush would be a great opening build to start with.

But it doesn’t take much to imagine a League of Legends-style game as well being made playable with this type of game either. Sure, Blizzard already has Heroes of the Storm, but that only features a few Overwatch heroes to choose from, where this could add the whole roster.

Overwatch heroes 2020
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch has over 30 different heroes that could make all kinds of different units.

With Heroes of the Storm already existing (and producing cooler skins for D.Va than Overwatch itself) our chances of seeing an official RTS featuring the game’s heroes are unfortunately slim to none.

That has never stopped players before though, so we’d keep our eyes out for some kind of League clone to appear before too long on the Custom Game browser. Until then, you can always waste more time playing Among Us there as well.