Overwatch cosplayer is feeling festive as Christmas themed Mercy

. 2 years ago
polaris.cos next to Mercy from Overwatch
Instagram: polaris.co / Blizzard Entertainment

A cosplayer from Instagram is bringing the festive spirit to Overwatch this December with their fantastic rendition of Mercy reimagined into some stunning Christmas scenery, merging to two worlds perfectly.

Overwatch’s super-detailed cast of characters has seen fans across the globe fall in love with the varying personalities, and their backstories. And with each fighter having their own set of unique abilities, the possibilities as far as cosplay is concerned are practically endless.

And with the festive season well and truly underway, even more opportunities have opened up for talented cosplayers to flex their costume (and Christmas decoration) skills for their followers.

Overwatch's Mercy reaches her hand out
Mercy is a hugely popular hero in the game.

Cosplayer polaris.cos on Instagram decided to try remodelling support hero Mercy into a beautiful Christmas scene, and has certainly done a fantastic job with it.

Their wig by fuwa_baka is sculpted into Mercy’s classic style, the blonde locks pulled into thick blonde sections that give the illusion of being animated. This is topped with the headpiece that follows the structure of the hair, and accurately mimics Mercy’s design.

Things take a Christmas themed turn with their outfit, a velvet red dress with fluffy white trims to mimic Santa’s clothes, with a knitted scarf over the top to add more of a wintery feel. The outfit ties in great with Mercy’s original design.

The background is like something out of a Christmas movie, with a stunning tree dusted with snow, and full top to bottom with beautiful decorations, and even presents underneath.

And of course, keeping in with Mercy’s original look, polaris.cos has wings clipped to their back, the yellows and whites perfectly tying into the warm colors of the Christmas scene, and making for a brilliant cosplay.

This cosplay will certainly have Overwatch fans in the festive spirit, and polaris.cos definitely managed to pull off the concept with stunning accuracy.

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