Overwatch cosplayer fires shots as incredible real-life Ashe

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer Lexi Pro next to Overwatch's Ashe
Instagram: _lexipro / Blizzard

A remarkably talented Overwatch cosplayer has done an excellent job of recreating the game’s favorite gunslinger Ashe, looking as stunningly powerful as the popular character.

Overwatch’s broad cast of characters with detailed backstories have captured the attention of fans across the globe. Each character has a unique personality with an equally individual aesthetic to go along with it, and this has proven to be excellent inspiration for many cosplayers.

Ashe is one character who has inspired some fantastic costume recreations. The leader of the Deadlock Gang is a gunslinger who utilizes her sharp shot to deal damage to the opposing team, and certainly serves as a formidable foe.

Overwatch's Ashe and B.O.B
Ashe is a popular Damage character in the game.

Her western-biker aesthetic has an effortless charm, though recreating it in real-life is certainly a huge feat, with some intricate aspects of the outfit that are difficult to match to the original. However cosplayer Lexi Pro did an insanely good job of putting herself in Ashe’s shoes – literally.

Her knee-high boots are laced up with metallic string, a dazzling contrast to the dark black of the shoes. Her brown leather pants are topped with gold plates that add to the western style and have her looking ready for battle.

Her fitted white shirt and red tie are topped with a sleeveless leather jacket for that cool biker look, but the mechanical aspect is continued with the shoulder brace on one arm, looking just like Ashe’s original outfit.

Her silver hair is styled sleekly with a stunning flick at the end, which immaculately contracts her bright red lips and matching contacts. She even has Ashe’s mole dotted in the exact same place by her lip.

And of course to complete the look, Lexi Pro holds the gunslinger’s classic rifle, the Viper, in her hands. The gun is the finishing touch, and makes this cosplayer look exactly like Ashe does in the game.

This stunning recreation of one of the game’s popular characters has certainly been a resounding success, and has thoroughly impressed Overwatch fans.