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My Hero Academia cosplayer makes Himiko Toga look devilishly charming

Published: 17/Jan/2020 1:53 Updated: 17/Jan/2020 1:54

by Alan Bernal


My Hero Academia cosplayers tend to show every defining characteristic of the heroes and villains they take on, with one talented costumer making her Himiko Toga costume uncannily charming.

Of all the characters in My Hero Academia, none have such erratic mood swings as the bloodthirsty Toga. At times, she’ll be fawning over the target of her affections, and moments later, she’ll be on the warpath to claim her next victim.

While past cosplays show Toga in her more horrifying and sometimes bloody moments, designer ‘liiiaracosplay’ chose to depict the League of Villains member in a more charming light that speaks to her kinder nature.


The cosplayer got inspiration from Himiko’s civilian clothing, since the character typically wears the traditional Japanese school uniform for ladies when she isn’t masquerading with her imposing villain gear.

But getting a close-up on Liiiara’s entire cosplay production, the devil seems to be in the details, especially on her makeup; nailing down Toga’s frequent blushy face, but given a charming twist with red eye shadow.

Nothing conjures an unnerving chill more than the MHA antagonist’s large yellow eyes. Here, Liiiara goes with equally deep colorful irises that only add to the romantic maniac’s crazed effect.


The cosplayer’s hair is similar as well to the anime character’s, with the controlled chaos of her messy buns perched atop her normally fixed fringed cut. A style of hair perfect for the character, since she might outwardly appear normal and of sound mind, but is actually concealing a disorderly, sinister side.

When she’s actively working with the League of Villains, Toga can be seen in her same school uniform while also being equipped with her Blood Sucking Machine.

One of the Lieutenants for the League of Villains, Toga is strapped from head to toe with gadgets that enable her Quirk as well as knives and vials.


Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia
Just because Himiko Toga isn’t in her villain outfit doesn’t mean she’s any less dangerous.

Though Liiiara went with the villain’s daytime attire, the character has been known to have fierce, manic outbursts at the most random of times.

The cosplay is another triumph for Toga fans who have seen the villain portrayed in all lights – though, maybe not quite as charismatic as Liiiara’s unique take on her.