Chilling Himiko Toga cosplay gives My Hero Academia fans goosebumps

Published: 28/Nov/2019 19:57

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer shared her chilling take on My Hero Academia’s shape-shifting antagonist Himiko Toga, and it is so accurate that it will give you nightmares. 

My Hero Academia first released in 2014 in Japan as a popular manga, but became a worldwide phenomenon when its anime adaption aired two years later in 2016.

The animation takes place in a world where humans have evolved to have super-powers called ‘quirks,’ and heroes are integrated into society to protect the innocent from those who use their powers for evil.

A talented cosplayer shared her take on one of the series’ most popular antagonists – the wickedly psychotic Himiko Toga – and her costume is mind-blowingly accurate.

Bone Inc
The second season antagonist drinks the blood of her victims.

Cosplayer terrifies with real-life Himiko Toga

The popular antagonist was first introduced in the second season arc as she joins the League of Villains with her creepy quirk of being able to shapeshift into anyone.

Cosplayer ‘tsukuyimi‘ showed off her costume for the anime character on Instagram, and wowed her followers with a terrifying take on the villain that brings her to life.

Not only does she capture the antagonist’s look with her blonde disheveled hair buns, she perfectly recreates her pose from the show with her striking yellow eyes turning inward, and her tongue hanging out in a fit of mania.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the anime villain is that she can shapeshift into anyone whose blood she consumes, making her a deadly opponent who can fool anyone.

The psychotic villain is also often seen with blood caked on her face, and stained around her costume as a result of her power, which the talented cosplayer mirrored to a chilling effect.

Tsukuyimi has dressed up as several characters from series as well as other anime, and has amassed over 10,700 followers with her incredible cosplay on Instagram.

My Hero Academia is currently on it’s fourth season as it follows Izuku Midoriya and his classmates on their journey to become pro heroes who can defend the innocent against deadly threats.

The show is being simulcast for the first time in its run, meaning English fans get the dub live at the same time as the Japanese release, and it can be watched on Funimation and Crunchyroll every Saturday.


Jujutsu Kaisen cosplayer channels Cursed Energy as Satoru Gojo

Published: 20/Jan/2021 12:46

by Lauren Bergin


One of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most iconic characters is Satoru Gojo, the mysterious teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. One cosplayer has brought the sorcerer to life with an insane outfit. 

It’s safe to say that the anime universe beautifully intertwines with the cosplay scene. With a whole host of characters and iconic titles, the Japanese cartoon genre has become a global phenomenon.

Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the most popular animes of 2020, and has dominated streaming website Crunchyroll for the last few months.

The fantasy series features one character that has managed to attract quite a bit of attention though, and that’s Satoru Gojo, teacher and Jujutsu Sorcerer extraodinare.

Satoru Gojo Jujutsu Kaisen
The anime’s Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has become pretty popular.

A magical Satoru cosplay

One of the reasons that cosplayers have flocked to Gojo is his unique style, which sees his eyes covered by a black eyemask. An outfit posted on Instagram by weian_vann (Vann) really brings the character to life though.

Not only is the outfit a perfect replica, Vann has nailed the iconic silver hair that has become so synonymous with the Cursed Energy master.

There’s a sense of foreboding around him though, and we can imagine the anime-style purple smoke kicking up around him to imply that he’s not one to mess with. The first image sees him posed on a backward chair in a stature that’s both playful yet menacing.

Fans are obsessed

The Chinese cosplayer’s image has almost 62k likes, and the comment section is filled with a whole host of Jujutsu fans heaping praise upon him for being able to bring the iconic character to life.

One fan has written “NO WAYYYYY MY HEARTTTT,” reacting in a similar way to many of the sorcerer’s lovestruck students.

Another fan commented on Vann’s masterful recreation of Gojo’s iconic silver hair, asking “Wow! How long did it take to get the hair like that? It looks great!”

A final commenter praised the entire outfit, writing that Vann “did so good” and that the cosplay “looks so realistic!”

So it’s safe to say that fans are really loving Vann’s rendition of Gojo, because not only does he perfectly recreate the outfit but he really becomes the character. As the anime progresses it’ll be exciting to see if he does any more magical cosplays, but in the mean time we can happily swoon away over this one!