Young My Hero Academia cosplayers steal hearts with Deku and Eri designs

Alan Bernal

Two little cosplayers stole the hearts of both the internet and the Anime Los Angeles 2020 convention with their incredible renditions for popular My Hero Academia characters Deku and Eri.

The second season of MHA’s anime has been delivering on all fronts for fans, and cosplayers have been there all along the way, bringing the cast of characters to life with their skills.

From jaw-dropping designs of heroes like Camie Utsushimi or villains such as Himiko Toga, the MHA fanbase are out in full force, recreating almost everyone in the show’s long list of prominent faces.

Deku saves Eri in the middle of a battle with Overhaul in My Hero Academia
Deku will go to impossible lengths to save Eri, and the young cosplayers perfectly depicted the same sentiment.

However, the shortlist of stars for the anime’s latest on-screen arc include none other than One-for-All inheritor Deku and the young Eri, who were adorably reimaged by a cosplayer known as ‘JayElitecosplay’ and his younger sister.

Fully donning Deku’s hero suit, JayElite brought the hero down to a perfect pint size, while his sister is seen bandaged (but delightfully happy) as Eri.

It looks like things started to get a bit testy at Anime Los Angeles, though, when the two young cosplayers came across another fan named ‘mystictaku’ who dressed up as Kai Chisaki, the leader of Shie Hassaikai yazuka group who goes by the moniker ‘Overhaul.’

That’s when the two cosplayers really stepped into their characters, with Deku standing up against the villain to save the captured Eri.

Images from the encounter are epic, to say the least, with little JayElite looking incredibly heroic up against the masked villain in an adorable attempt to save his sister.

JayElitecosplay dressed as Deku to save his sister as Eri against Overhaul.
Like a scene ripped from the series, JayElite stood tall as Deku against Overhaul (mystictaku) to save Eri.

The entire display instantly took the hearts for fans of the show all across the net, and it even got a major shoutout from the official My Hero Academia Twitter account.

JayElite is no stranger to cosplaying his favorite characters, either, having dressed up as Bakugo, Todoroki and even a horrifying costume of a Pennywise/Georgie crossover from Stephen King’s ‘It.’

Even at such an early age, JayElite and his sister have a knack for cosplaying, and with an Instagram account that boasts over a thousand followers already, they’re sure to make incredible designs for a long time to come.

As My Hero Academia goes on, fans can’t wait to see what else the young cosplayers will come up with next.

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