My Hero Academia cosplayer goes Plus Ultra with All Might female twist

Bandai Namco / Instagram: @kristinadm89 / @seannelsonphoto

My Hero Academia’s All Might was brought to life by a bodybuilder’s incredible cosplay. The artist gave the #1 Pro character a female twist that is truly out of this world.

My Hero Academia’s 2016 anime debut sent shockwaves in the medium, as its story about a high school that trains students with powers called ‘quirks’ has taken the world by storm.

A talented cosplayer has used her bodybuilding career to bring the show’s #1 Hero All Might to life like you’ve never seen before. Her perfect re-creation will have you seeing double.

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Bones / Funimation
The 2016 hero anime has become a smash hit around the world.

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In the show, superpowers have been integrated into society, and heroes use their skills to protect citizens from villains that abuse their talent. However, at the very top stands All Might who is a beacon for justice and peace.

Cosplayer ‘Kristina Moser‘ shared her jaw dropping take on social media, and looks just like the MHA teacher. Flexing her muscles, she re-created the Pro Hero’s super strength.

Photographer ‘courtex.studios‘ captured her as she struck the character’s signature pose from the series. The artist collaborated with ‘polyxenastorm‘ who made the accurate costume.

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The bodybuilder shared more photos of her transformation into All Might, and gave us a better glimpse at the amount of detail that went into capturing his look.

Cleverly, the cosplay alters the hero’s iconic costume into a leotard style which lets Kristin show off her muscles. She also put a twist on his blonde locks with its length, while staying faithful with his crazy hair tufts that point to the air.

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Teaming up with another cosplayer who portrayed the show’s protagonist Izuku Midoriya, the two artists perfectly nailed their MHA costumes, giving a fresh take on the beloved heroes.

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My Hero Academia’s fourth season is wrapping up with its finale on April 4. Those wondering what comes next for the series can check out our guide on everything we know about the show’s return.

For viewers wanting to catch up or see what all the hype is about, the entire series can be watched on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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