My Hero Academia cosplayer goes Plus Ultra as female Izuku Midoriya

. 11 months ago
Bones / Instagram: @royadevon_cosplay, @stephanerock

A My Hero Academia cosplayer made waves on Instagram after showing off her mind-blowing transformation into Izuku Midoriya. The artist brought the anime protagonist to life with an incredible female spin.

Despite the anime’s wide range of characters, protagonist Izuku Midoriya has continued to win the hearts of viewers with his epic quest to become the number one hero in the world.

Popular cosplayer Roya Devon celebrated the My Hero Academia lead with her stunning recreation. Her jaw-dropping take on Deku will leave fans of the series in awe.

My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya powers
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The green-haired protagonist is the lead character in the hit 2016 hero anime.

My Hero Academia cosplayer become epic female Izuku Midoriya

The talented cosplayer brought the My Hero Academia protagonist to life in a series of pictures on Instagram. In an August 6th post, the artist posed in Izuku Midoriya’s iconic hero uniform.

In a creative twist, Roya Devon transformed the character’s signature green suit into a cropped top and skirt combination, with black leggings that go into a recreation of Deku’s red sneakers.

The artist also perfectly mirrored the protagonist’s green hair, which was captured in a portrait shot by skilled photographer ‘stephanerock‘.


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A post shared by Roya Devon (@royadevon_cosplay)

In another photo posted to her social media, Devon showed off her life-size prop of Deku’s metal mouth guard which she wears around her neck. The cosplayer’s accurate portrayal also included the hero’s red utility pouches that hang around her waist.


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A post shared by Roya Devon (@royadevon_cosplay)

My Hero Academia isn’t the only anime that Roya Devon has brought to life either. The immensely talented artist has recreated other beloved characters from series such as The Seven Deadly Sins and Re:Zero.

Those interested in seeing more of her amazing work can check out her Instagram which can be found here.

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