My Hero Academia brings out villainous side as fiery Dabi with female twist

My Hero Academia Dabi cosplay.Instagram: Gothpixii / Bones

My Hero Academia fans are losing their minds after popular Instagram cosplayer Gothpixii unveiled her fiery female take on the anime’s evil League of Villains lieutenant Dabi, complete with his iconic skin stitching.

There are few series ⁠— live-action or anime ⁠— as popular as My Hero Academia, with the superhero show storming into pop culture royalty since its 2016 release.

Among the show’s most loved heroes and villains is Dabi, a mysterious member of the League of Villains. We won’t spoil his latest twists here (there are a few though, don’t worry) but his latest arcs in the manga have fired him into the upper echelons of the fandom’s popularity counts, by a long margin.

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With that popularity, of course, comes cosplays.

The latest incredible take on the fiery villain comes from Gothpixii, who unveiled her female twist on the My Hero Academia antagonist on Reddit this month.

Viz Media, Funimation
Dabi is a member of the League of Villains, able to summon destructive blue flames from his hands.

My Hero Academia cosplayer becomes Dabi

My Hero Academia fans are first introduced to Dabi in the Forest Training Camp Arc, where he stormed U.A. High’s training trip alongside Himiko Toga to kidnap Bakugo.

He quickly became a popular recurring antagonist (though is a little overshadowed by Himiko, we must admit). The main reason was his calm, cool attitude, which clashed with his fiery quirk and decisiveness in both his major anime arcs. On top of that, his iconic stitching scars certainly make him stand out.

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Many of Gothpixii’s cosplays are heavy on the character’s facial features, and her Dabi costume was no different ⁠— the cosplayer got the villain’s iconic burn stitchings and jet black hair just right. His shining blue eyes matched perfectly too.

Dabi cosplays are always tough because the villain’s main look revolves entirely around his noticeable burns, but Gothpixii added a black stitched jacket for flair too.

My Hero Academia fans across the internet are losing their minds about the new Dabi cosplay. On Reddit, one wrote they “thought it was a painting,” while another simply wrote “Whooooaaaaaa!” in appreciation.

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Dabi wasn’t Gothpixii’s first My Hero Academia cosplay: two years ago she unveiled an incredible Shoto Todoroki costume that went viral in 2019.