Mortal Kombat’s Mileena comes to life with amazingly creative cosplay

Kamil Malinowski
Kan Stelar / Mortal Kombat

Cosplayer Kan Stelar showed off an incredible makeup transformation, turning herself into Mortal Kombat’s Mileena. 

Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular fighting game series in the world. It features many unique characters that play a role in its lengthy story mode, making the game a popular choice among cosplayers.

Of its many characters, there is one in particular that is incredibly popular with fans and cosplayers alike, Mileena. She is a sai-wielding assassin that is often seen wearing a large face mask which her monstrous mouth, which covers most of her face with sharp teeth.

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Midway GamesMileena is a Mortal Kombat fan-favorite.

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However, she is still portrayed as one of the most beautiful characters in the series, with the mask hiding her monstrous features. This gives cosplayers flexibility with her, as they can choose to wear the mask or play the monstrous figure.

Kan Stelar decided to go with the latter for her cosplay and showed just how impressive makeup can be as she recreated Mileena’s terrifying features.

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The makeup was absolutely incredible, transforming Kan’s into one of a monster with sharp teeth seemingly sticking out of her cheeks, matching her face with Mileena’s. It was incredibly detailed and blended in superbly well making it tough to tell that it wasn’t real.

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While the makeup was the most impressive part of the cosplay she didn’t stop there. Kan also pulled off an amazing Mileena outfit, matching the character’s iconic clothes incredibly well.

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There was one error, however, as the cosplayer was wearing red, while the Mortal Kombat character’s outfit is pink. Although, she explained in the comments that the costume was a gift, so it’s probably something that can be overlooked, especially as the makeup is so impressive.

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Many cosplayers have gone with the Mileena look before, but only a few have opted for the monstrous look. While most of those have done a great job, the incredibly high level on makeup in this one definitely puts it near the top of the list for Mileena cosplays.

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