League of Legends Arcane cosplayer reinvents the Hextech wheel as Viktor

league of legends lol arcane viktor cosplay imageNetflix: Arcane, Instagram: geheichou

Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired Netflix show, Arcane, has taken over the latter half of 2021, and one cosplayer’s rendition of LoL fans’ beloved Viktor has stolen the Hextech spotlight. 

If there’s one show that has become the talk of the gaming universe in 2021, it’s Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired animated Netflix series, Arcane.

With a cast of colorful characters and a musical score that you’ll likely have saved on Spotify already, a whole host of cosplayers have already brought characters such as Jinx, Jayce, and Mel to life.

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However, we’ve never seen anything quite like Gehe’s work. The Spanish artist has brought LoL mid-lane champ turned Arcane heartthrob Viktor to life in a cosplay that has us looking like that little heart eyes emoji.

league of legends lol arcane netflix show viktor and jayce work on hextechNetflix: Arcane
Viktor’s somewhat tragic tale in Arcane has touched the hearts of fans across Runeterra.

Spectacular League of Legends Arcane Viktor cosplay

Telling Dexerto that he has “been playing League for over six years now,” he was “was really excited when announced an animated series based on it!”

Selecting Viktor as his muse of choice as he was “the one most physically similar to [him]self,” he confesses that, while the cosplay itself was “nothing intricate really,” he’s “not used to having to do heavy makeup characterization for other cosplays since most characters from anime and video games don’t have such detailed and realistic features. So, that was definitely a challenge.”

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Taking a total of five hours to pull together the look and photoshoot, in comparison to “other cosplay projects that have taken me over 5 months, it was an easy one!”

Despite all of this, this outfit truly takes out breath away. Sporting the Zaun scientist’s messy brown hair and iconic silver waistcoat, it’s the makeup that truly transforms Gehe into Viktor. Hooded eyes stare off into the distance, with the darkness contrasting perfectly against his pale skin and gaunt cheekbones.

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A post shared by Gehe (@geheichou)

A huge part of creating these stunning images was capturing the moody, hopeless atmosphere of both Arcane as a whole, and Viktor’s ongoing struggle with a life-threatening illness.

“It was also important to set up the photo studio with fitting lighting to imitate the colors on Arcane,” he told Dexerto. “I used the lighting in specific angles to enhance my facial features and make them more similar to Viktor’s.”


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A post shared by Gehe (@geheichou)

With the next chapter of the Arcane story lurking on the horizon, will we see Gehe reprise his Viktor cosplay? Or will we get something new?

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“Arcane has me very hyped to make more League cosplays for sure. But besides that, I’m also a concept artist and character designer myself, so watching such a creative and rich series has given me a lot of inspiration to draw, and I can’t wait for the next season to be out!”

Whether it’s more League characters (Gehe has also created Ezreal, Yone, Aphelios and Gnar cosplays), or a creation of his own, we can’t wait to see what this mad scientist turned artist extraordinaire does next!

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