League of Legends cosplayer steals the show as stunning K/DA Evelynn

Cosplayer Melamori next to KDA Evelynn from League of LegendsInstagram: melamori.cosplay / Riot Games

K/DA Evelynn is the seductive foundation of League of Legends’ hit K-Pop group, and Melamori has hit the right note with her stunning rendition of the band member. Her cosplay has enamoured fans, who are now cheering for an encore.

While Ahri often steals the spotlight when it comes to K/DA content in League of Legends, Evelynn is not far behind the nine-tailed fox.

Described as a “born superstar, and the foundation of K/DA’s sound”, fans go crazy over her verses in some of the band’s most iconic songs, including POP/STARS and BADDEST.

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Their sense of fashion has also driven the cosplay community crazy since their 2018 debut with a number of designs, and that was only doubled when the group returned for their MORE EP in 2020.

evelynn from K/DARiot Games
K/DA Evelynn is the lifeblood of the group.

Cosplayer ‘Melamori’ loves all things League of Legends, and finally managed to show off her stunning take on K/DA Evelynn, stealing the show on Instagram as a result.

“Finally I finished her and happy to show you the result! As always I’m too late for [the] hype train, but I love [the] KDA designs a lot,” Melamori said.

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Everything about Melamori’s outfit is perfect. She styled Evelynn’s long purple hair perfectly, with just the right amount of makeup. However, the devil is in the details of the bright blue jacket, as well as Evelynn’s manicured talons.

Melamori pulls it all off with amazing style, really embodying the spirit of K/DA’s lifeblood.


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It’s not the only K/DA member Melamori has cosplayed, with the talented star also having transformed into Ahri, Kai’Sa and Akali ⁠— doing both the K/DA and True Damage outfit for the latter.

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Now there’s only Seraphine left to do, and you can bet Melamori will look stunning as the popstar if she chooses to complete the set.

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