Arcane cosplayer dazzles as Mel Medarda to celebrate Season 2 renewal

arcane league of legends cosplay cutiepiesensei mel medaraTwitter, @cutiepiesensei / Riot Games

Riot Games’ Netflix series, Arcane, has delighted League of Legends fans and the uninitiated, alike. Now, the cosplay community is getting involved, as CutiePieSensei brought Mel Medarda to life in celebration of the Season 2 announcement.

Arcane has been a bigger hit than even the most confident LoL fans could have imagined. Even just looking at the reviews, it’s hard not to be impressed by an 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.9 (with over 12,000 reviews) from Google’s users. 

It’s also hard not to be impressed by the show’s fans, with one cosplayer now taking the spotlight. 

CutiePieSensei’s Twitter bio includes “internationally recognized cosplayer.” And, after she elegantly brought Arcane’s Mel to life — in the show’s style no less—  it’s easy to see why. From the gold makeup to the brilliant accessories, she feels like a real-world Medarda.

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Arcane cosplayer brings Mel Medarda to life

As you can see from CutiePieSensei’s tweet, her cosplay is a relatively simple one. She doesn’t have Mel’s trademark gold armor and full outfit, but she doesn’t need those adornments. 

Instead, her cosplay shines (pun… intended) with just her face. The jewelry and hair accessories are practically perfect, and the gold-flecked makeup takes things to another level. Wearing Mel’s composed facial expression, CutiePieSensei adds on the gold freckles and, most importantly, her iconic purple eyeshadow.

Social media is already “obsessed” with Arcane’s “eye-bag highlights.” The animation’s treatment of faces is highly regarded, particularly in respect to the sharp accentuations bringing attention to characters’ eyes.

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In CutiePieSensei’s cosplay, she makes that same emphasis — albeit with makeup instead of graphic design.

Twitter reactions have been fairly unanimous, with many calling the look “perfect” and one even calling her “Mel incarnate.” With everyone delighted that Arcane was renewed for a second season, CutiePieSensei’s congratulatory cosplay seems to be holding fans over in the meantime.