Kill la Kill cosplayer jumps into battle as perfect Ryuko Matoi

. 2 years ago
kill la kill ryuko matoi cosplay
Studio Trigger / Instagram: @kqueentsun, @gilphotography

A Kill la Kill cosplayer shared her true-to-life take on protagonist Ryuko Matoi. The artist transformed into the Studio Trigger heroine with an insanely accurate costume she posted on Instagram. 

Kill la Kill made its explosive debut in 2013, and took the anime world by storm. Studio Trigger’s fast-paced style and bombastic animation was a major hit with viewers.

Despite ending over seven years ago, the series is as popular as it’s ever been. Celebrating the show’s main character, a talented cosplayer brought Ryuko Matoi to life. 

ryuko matoi holding her scissor blade in kill la kill
Crunchyroll / Studio Trigger
Ryuko is the powerful protagonist of the hit 2013 anime.

Kill la Kill cosplayer becomes Ryuko Matoi

The show’s over-the-top story begins with the murder of Ryuko’s father. Tracking down his killer, the character enrolls at Honnōji Academy, and is willing to cut through anyone to get the answers she seeks.

Prolific cosplayer Emi ‘kqueentsun’ brought the heroine to life with an epic costume. Photographer ‘gilphotography’ captured the artist posting in the character’s iconic blue school uniform which she faithfully re-created.

Emi mirrored the anime protagonist’s fighting stance from the show, holding a life-size prop of her scissor blade which was made by ‘gsprops’. Kqueentsun looks so much like the heroine, it’s almost as if Ryuko has slashed her way out of the screen.


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In another shot posted to social media, the artist teamed up with another cosplayer who perfectly portrays Matoi’s best friend and sidekick Mako Mankanshoku. The duo adorably capture the characters’ personalities for photographer ‘nels._


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Emi gave viewers a closer look at just how detailed and faithful her costume actually is to the anime. In the story, Ruko’s uniform is actually alive and called Senketsu. The cosplayer accurately created his yellow eye patch which sits underneath her left shoulder.


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Kill la Kill helped propel Studio Trigger into one of the most popular creative teams in the genre. Despite ending in 2014, the anime is still wildly popular with viewers around the world.

Those watching to catch all episodes can watch the entire series on Crunchyroll and Netflix right now. The franchise is so beloved, it even got its own fighting video-game in 2019 called IF.

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