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Kill la Kill cosplayer steps on her foes as fierce Satsuki Kiryuin

Published: 2/Mar/2020 18:30

by Brent Koepp


Kill la Kill’s Satsuki Kiryuin was brought to life when a cosplayer transformed into the powerful heroine with a detailed outfit. The talented artist looks so much like the character, fans will be bowing down to her presence.

Studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill captured the minds of anime viewers in 2013, and became the breakout show of that year. Its absurd, over-the-top plot about living clothes and explosive action made it an instant hit.

A cosplay artist has shared her incredible take on Satsuki Kiryuin, and looks so much like the character it’s as if she jumped from out of the series itself. The mind blowing costume will be sure to stun fans.


Trigger / Arc System Works
The over-the-top 2013 anime has become a classic in the genre.

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Kill la Kill’s Satsuki brought to life

The series focuses on protagonist Ryuko Matoi who seeks to find the assassin who killed her father. Arriving at Honnoji Academy, she must overcome the dominant Student Council President Satsuki who rules the school with an iron fist.

Cosplayer ‘peytoncosplay’ dressed up as the heroine, and nailed the character’s signature look. From her long black hair, to her arched thick eyebrows, she has us seeing double.

The talented artist collaborated with photographer Roger Lee who captured her as she struck a pose in her white school uniform. Holding her arm, she depicts the character’s fighting stance.


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Summer hits hard over here and I’m super lazy right now lol, since the weather is so hot it reminds me of when I wore my Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay in #animeexpo last year. I originally planned on cosplaying Ragyo, but after seeing Glory I figured nobody could be a better badass anime milf?? I made most of her costume: the dress base and electronics of the wig, so I’m quite proud of both of these cosplays♥️ Also because of what they represent, a duo with an awesome friend, and wearing them in one of the most important cons in the world, so an unforgettable experience all around✨ . Ragyo: @glorylamothe Ph: @rogerleephotos . #satsukikiryuin #ragyokiryuin #killlakill #killlakillcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl

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Peyton shared more pictures of her faithful costume and gave a better look at all the details that went into making it. She re-created the three clasps on her left arm, which when activated, transforms the suit into a powerful version of itself.

In the story, Satsuki’s attire is alive and is called Junketsu, which she perfectly created with its orange and red eyes that peer out above her chest. The whole piece is tied together with blue trimming and black and gold shoulder pads.

The Argentinian artist also teamed up with fellow cosplayer Glory Lamothe, who posed as Satsuki’s mother Ragyo Kiryuin. Their accurate portrayal of the deadly mother-daughter combo is mind blowing.


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La vie est drole. AAAAHH I can’t with this photo! It looks like Glory’s really glowing with rainbow light omg?✨ that day at AX was INSANE! So much people taking photos everywhere that it was nice to find a quiet spot to do a quick shoot with Roger☺️ As for the costumes, I’m quite pleased with my dress, it was a hell of a nightmare actually because I was dead set on that I wanted the middle and back panels to have the pleats but I didn’t want any seams on it, so it was a struggle ? I feel like I could improve it a bit more for next time here and there and while I did have my Bakuzan, I wasn’t allowed to bring it to the con so ir stayed put till the next shoot. I also worked on Ragyo’s dress, I wanted to cosplay her for a while but I figured Glory would suit her much better? and I made all the electronics in the wig, which we worked on together along with @eriolcosplay ☺️ the rest of the work is all hers like that amazing feather cape!♥️ Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay by me Ragyo Kiryuin by @glorylamothe Ph: @rogerleephotos . #satsukikiryuin #satsukicosplay #ragyokiryuin #ragyocosplay #killlakill #killlakillcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #animeexpo #cosplaygirl #animecosplay #コスプレ #コスプレイヤー #鬼龍院羅暁 #鬼龍院皐

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While only released in 2013, the show has quickly become a classic in the genre, and has continued to be popular in the cosplay community. The series even spawned an arena fighter video game in 2019 called ‘IF.’

To those that missed out on the glory that is Kill la Kill, you can watch the entire series on streaming services Crunchyroll or Netflix. The over-the-top plot makes for an incredibly fun ride.