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K-Pop star Amber Liu’s awesome Valorant cosplay breathes life into Jett

Published: 10/Nov/2020 12:09

by Lauren Bergin


K-Pop superstar and former member of girl group sensation f(x) Amber Liu has become the human embodiment of Jett from Valorant in this new cosplay. 

Jett has somewhat become the face of Valorant, with her iconic street style and floating knives pictured on pretty much all of Valorant’s PR.

Not only this, she has become a sensation in-game, as her wind-powered mechanics and abilities certainly make her a force to be reckoned with. Her popularity has also attracted a whole host of cosplayers from across the globe, all of whom seek to bring the Valorant icon to life.


However, a cosplay from K-Pop icon Amber Liu absolutely nails Jett’s appearance, body language and general moody personality.

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Jett has become one of Valorant’s most popular Agents.

K-Pop icon to Korea’s deadliest agent

A recent post from Amber shows her literally embodying Korea’s finest duellist. Pictured with Jett’s iconic silvery blue hair whilst balancing a floating knife controlled by the wind, the cosplay is perfect from top to bottom.

The post attracted an impressive 296k likes on Instagram, as well as 5.5k likes on Twitter and over 800 retweets.

Crediting Japanese fashion designer and cosplay creator Yuto A.K.A. Redstar for her Jett inspired outfit, it’s clear that Yuto’s attention to detail is unrivalled.


Another picture sees April alongside Watchvenn host Emily Ghoul who is rocking a particularly impressive Sage cosplay. Both women look like they’re ready to take Bind by storm and make their enemies’ lives a living nightmare.

Will Amber cosplay again?

So from K-Pop legend to Valorant cosplayer, Amber Liu clearly has it all. Will we see more cosplays in the future? Who knows. Amber certainly seemed to enjoy this experience, with her caption reading “wind, show me where the boba is.”

Only time will tell, but maybe we’ll see more Valorant pieces out of Amber. Only time will tell, but even if it isn’t Valorant we certainly want to see more from Korea’s resident pop queen.