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Several overpowered Jett spots found on Haven after patch 1.11

Published: 8/Nov/2020 22:52 Updated: 9/Nov/2020 10:54

by Bill Cooney


Valorant players have been discovering all kinds of crazy bugs and exploits for Jett on Haven, and it’s safe to say most of them could definitely be considered ‘game-breaking,’ but if you know what to look for, it might be possible to avoid them.

Bugs are nothing new to Valorant, but following patch 1.11, a number of new ones seem to have popped up for Sova, Cypher, and Jett — the Agent we’ll be talking about here.

The Duelist’s glitches discovered so far are multiple spots on Haven she can now get herself into that she shouldn’t using various abilities.


People have called them ‘game-breaking’ because Jett is perfectly capable of eliminating opponents while using these perches without them ever knowing she’s lying in wait.

Jett ult spot using Sage’s wall. from VALORANT

One of the most obscene bugs happens on the edge of the map just where C Long meets the area containing the point itself, a favorite spot for Sages to throw up their walls.

In the clip above you can see using her ultimate and a little boost from the healer, Jett is able to climb up and stick on the side of the wall, with a perfect view of anyone who approaches.

But, players don’t even have to burn Blade Storm to reach this point. Another user in the comments proved it’s possible just by hopping with her utilities as well.


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If there is a crafty Jett on the opposing team, it might be worth taking the route through C short on attack and checking this spot as you come in instead of charging down the alleyway long.

But, that’s not even the only place the Agent can apparently break following the patch. Players have also found that she can now hide on the shelf in the room on A short.

This little maneuver is also accomplished using her Updraft and Tailwind abilities and unless you’ve already been shot from there, it’s a spot you probably won’t check on entry.

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Jett spot on A Short, Haven. from VALORANT

All of that being said, it is a whole lot easier to deal with these exploits if you know they exist in the first place and simply exercise extra caution in areas they can be used.

This might be easier said than done in the heat of battle, but based on how many upvotes each of these OP glitched spots have gotten, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say there’s potential for anyone to run into them until Riot eventually rolls out a fix.