Incredibly accurate Quarantine Wraith cosplay leaves Apex Legends fans mindblown - Dexerto

Incredibly accurate Quarantine Wraith cosplay leaves Apex Legends fans mindblown

Published: 31/May/2019 17:50 Updated: 31/May/2019 19:35

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Cosplayer ‘Robot Giggles’ wowed Apex Legends fans with her phenomenal take on the Quarantine 722 Wraith skin, proving once again that cosplayers are some of the most creative people on the planet.

Wraith’s Quarantine 722 skin is a Legendary item, and costs 1,200 Crafting Metals or 1,800 Apex Coins to obtain, making it one of the most expensive cosmetic items in Apex Legends.


Robot Giggles posted photos of the amazing outfit to her Twitter page, where fans were stunned at how accurate it is to the skin in the game.

Twitter: Robot_GigglesRobot Giggles did a fantastic job with her Quarantine 722 Wraith cosplay.

“This is so amazingly good,” one person tweeted adoringly. “Shut the actual Apex Legends up. Holy Batman banana pants I legit can’t even. Seriously you are a [freaking] boss lady,” exclaimed another fan enthusiastically.


The official Apex Legends Twitter account even had their say on the cosplay, stating, “Incredible work!” with a clapping emoji, to which Robot Giggles herself replied, “Aw thanks, Apex! You’ve made an inspiring game. Can’t wait to see what other skins you release for me to cosplay.”

Apex Legends season two – Everything we know

Respawn finally announced details on Apex Legends’ second season, after leaving fans craving new content for a lengthy chunk of time.

The next Battle Pass brings some major changes to the game, such as reduced level-up times, three new content categories, and daily and weekly challenges.


A limited-time event was also revealed, which includes challenges, a Double XP weekend, Double Battle Pass XP, and more.

The event is expected to go live sometime next week, with many hoping for a June 4 release.


League cosplayers go all out with “the Baddest” K/DA: Akali, Ahri, more

Published: 9/Oct/2020 8:37

by Andrew Amos


K/DA has got a new look with their latest EP, “All Out,” on the horizon. The four League of Legends popstars, plus a special guest, have replaced white, purple, and gold with blue and black, and this Argentinian cosplay group has encapsulated their spirit perfectly.

K/DA are ready to make their grand return. The mega-popular League of Legends K-Pop group are just about to release their first EP, “All Out.” They’ve already debuted their pre-release single, “The Baddest,” sporting a new look from their POP/STARS days.


On the EP, the four League of Legends idols ⁠— Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa ⁠— will be joined by new popstar Seraphine. While Seraphine is new to the League universe, her voice, looks, and Twitter account has already won over the hearts of players.

With a new look comes huge amounts of inspiration for cosplay. K/DA alone is hugely popular to cosplay, but their new designs haven’t gotten much love yet.


However, an Argentinian cosplay group has gotten together to showcase the group in action, including the newest member Seraphine.

Valentina Kryp (Kai’Sa), Feli Tabby (Akali), Luchi Quinteros (Seraphine), Peyton Riley (Ahri), and Glory Lamothe (Evelynn) have really gone all out to get K/DA’s new look down pat.

No expense was spared by the group. They managed to design almost everything, from Kai’Sa’s blasters, to Evelynn’s backpiece. While there’s no Ahri tail, it doesn’t take away from how true-to-form these cosplays are.


It looks just like the promo images Riot have been putting out. With the metallic blues and blacks, down to Seraphine’s colorful hair and dress, the group are more suited for a real album photo shoot than just a cosplay one.


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It’s not their first rodeo as K/DA either. The group has cosplayed the base set of skins for the pop group before. It makes it a bit easier when trying to design the new costumes, although they still had to do most of the things from scratch due to the drastic color changes.

K/DA’s first EP, All Out, is releasing on November 6. Before then, the group will be performing at Worlds 2020 in Shanghai on October 31, where Seraphine is expected to make her debut with the group.