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Apex Legends: Incredible new Legendary Hunt skins revealed

Published: 31/May/2019 9:22 Updated: 31/May/2019 14:24

by Joe O'Brien


New Legendary skins for Apex Legends have been revealed as part of the upcoming “Legendary Hunt” Limited Time Mode.

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Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment announced on May 30 that the game is getting its first ever Limited-Time Mode (LTM), titled “Legendary Hunt”, which is expected to kick off some time in the week beginning June 3, most likely on Tuesday, June 4.

After an underwhelming start to Apex’s first Season, the Legendary Hunt LTM offers an injection of new content to keep players engaged until the revamped Season Two arrives, which is expected to be later in June.

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How to earn new Legendary Hunt loot

By taking part in the Legendary Hunt LTM, players will have the chance to earn brand-new Legend and weapon skins.

While not all of the new skins have been revealed, those that have been shown off already look like some of the most interesting cosmetics in the game – and Apex Community Manager “Jayfresh” confirmed that the “skin quality [is] improving” heading into Season Two.

By completing a set of limited-time challenges, players will be able to earn the new “Master of the Hunt” Epic skin for Bloodhound, along with other as-yet unknown skins.

Respawn EntertainmentBloodhound’s “Master of the Hunt” skin.

Two themed Legendary skins have also been revealed, the “Legendary Honored Prey” skin for the R-301, and the “Night Terror” skin for Wraith, on which the eyes will apparently glow and “pulse actively”.


All players with the Season One Wild Frontier Battle Pass will automatically receive the R-301 skin, while the Wraith skin will be unlocked by players who have ranked their Battle Pass to level 15 or above before the end of the LTM.

Respawn EntertainmentThe “Legendary Honored Prey” R-301 and “Night Terror” Wraith.

Details of the Legendary Hunt challenges have yet to be fully revealed, but the LTM will include an “Elite Queue” which players can join by finishing in the top 5 of their matches, but in order to stay in the queue must continue to finish in the top 5.

The LTM will also help to alleviate some of the frustrations players have had with the amount of time it takes to level up the Season One Battle Pass. During the Legendary Hunt LTM, finishing in the top 5 of a game will grant an entire Battle Pass level once per day.


In addition, there will also be a double XP weekend from Friday, June 7 at 10 AM PST to Monday, June 10 at 10 AM PST. During this time, players will earn double XP on both their standard and Battle Pass progression.