Apex Legends glitch shows how great the game would look in third person

Respawn Entertainment

A bug in Apex Legends gave one player a unique perspective after getting eliminated, revealing how awesome the battle royale could look with a third-person mode.

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Respawn Entertainment’s title immediately attracted millions of players upon release, but constant bugs and a lack of content has been slowly discouraging some people to drop into King’s Canyon. However, this bug might not be too controversial seeing as it gives the game an entirely new look.

Now, before players jump to Fortnite Battle Royale parallels, its worth noting that plenty of excellent team-shooters in days past made terrific use of third person including Gears of Wars, Uncharted, The Division, and many more.

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Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends looks a bit more violent in third person, and that’s not a bad thing.

In a Reddit post, user ‘MackMarceau’ showed a bizarre glitch that popped up after they had been eliminated from the match.

Upon dying, instead of spectating the opponents like normal, they were following the other team in a third-person perspective.

While similar bugs have popped up in the past this one gave a clear look at how everything from combat and various in-game interaction would look like if players were detached way from a first-person perspective.

Seeing the game in third person is equally cool and hilarious, especially since throughout the majority of the clip Octane is running with a rifle in one hand as if it weighed nothing.

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Would third-person perspective work in Apex Legends?

The idea sounds like it could make for a fun and wacky alternate playlist, but with that in mind there’d need to be a few tweaks to some Legends’ abilities.

For example, Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher would have to give larger plumes to retain its effectiveness and Mirage’s Psyche Out just need to be better overall.

Respawn EntertainmentAdmittedly, a new perspective to the game isn’t the most pressing need, but would be awesome if incorporated.

With that in mind players have been liking how the game looks but think it would be best used to create highlights and the like.

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“It’s a sort of bug, but this particular version of the view looks really cool,” Redditor ‘d0nkatron’ said. “Like others said, this would be beautiful for montages and stuff.”

It doesn’t seem like this bug is hurting the experience in Apex Legends, so it wouldn’t necessarily be at the top of the list for Respawn to fix. But it looks like that might be fine for a lot of members in the community.