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Genshin Impact cosplayer is the perfect bard as incredible Venti

Published: 15/Nov/2020 18:10

by Georgina Smith


A cosplayer on Instagram has put a huge deal of skill into recreating the character Venti from Genshin Impact, showcasing the perfect costume, as well as some brilliant editing that perfectly captures the feel of the game.

*The following may contain spoilers*

Ever since its release in late September, free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact has absolutely dominated the games market, particularly on mobile where it beat several popular games to the top spot in terms of revenue within its first month of launch.

To get people to buy into the gacha premise, miHoYo had to create a loveable cast of characters that would have people desperate to use up their Wishes, and they’ve certainly succeeded with that.


One of those popular characters is Venti, the town bard, who players meet relatively early on in their quest. He’s a five-star character with a huge personality, a captivating story arc, and a fascinating aesthetic to boot.

Genshin Impact characters next to the logo
The game was launched in late September, and has been a huge hit since then.

Cosplayer perfectly recreates Venti look

Cosplayer hokushinetsu has done a superb job of emulating Venti’s look and has certainly gone the extra mile with their editing, maintaining the illusion perfectly.

Set to the background of white birds flying across a mountain range, the scene looks as though it could have been taken straight from the world of Teyvat, mimicking Genshin Impact’s stunning open world.

The cosplayer wears Venti’s iconic hair, blue braids falling onto their shoulder, along with slightly long longs that have a blue tinge to them – an iconic part of Venti’s aesthetic.



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The outfit is on point too; the white fabric of the hood sculpted perfectly and outlined with brilliant gold trim, matching with the circle breastplate and the fabric on their bottom half.

This is combined with the pale blue diamonds littered about the costume, influencing on the gloves, which ties in with the ethereal blue paint surrounding their thigh, illuminated by the beautiful blue sky in the background.

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A post shared by U_NOwen (@hokushinetsu)

Hokushinetsu clearly has great attention to detail and matches the dandelions in the backgrounds with an oversized dandelion prop that maintains Venti’s youthful nature and makes for a dynamic look.

This cosplayer certainly did a fantastic job recreating the popular Genshin Impact character and has people falling even more in love with the bard.