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Fascinating Overwatch cosplay shows true power of Moira’s destruction

Published: 16/Jan/2020 0:22

by Brad Norton


The Overwatch community often provides extraordinary cosplay designs thanks to an ever-expanding cast of lovable characters, yet this haunting Moira cosplay stands on its own as one of the darkest costumes yet.

While Moira has long been a controversial hero in Overwatch, there’s no disputing that the character’s visual design stands out from the padded cast of whimsical Damage-based heroes and charming Tank heroes.

A member of the Talon faction, Moira’s ominous ways became apparent immediately upon reveal due to her distinct appearance. One of the most unique Support heroes to date, Houston-based cosplayer ‘Xephyr; recently took on the challenge of bringing the intricate costume to life and the results will blow you away.


Overwatch hero Moira preparing for a team fight on Oasis.
Blizzard - Overwatch
Moira is a unique support hero that focuses less on aiming mechanics and more on movement and positioning.

From a full-scale realization of D.Va’s Lunar New Year skin to a fully-armored Brigitte costume that’s sure to rally the team behind her, there’s never any shortage of unique cosplayers tackling one of the 31 Overwatch heroes. 

With a number of standout skins for each, there are seemingly endless possibilities yet you can almost never go wrong with the classic appearance of every quirky character in the lineup. 

Serving as the fifth hero added to the game post-launch, Moira’s visual style stood out from the pack with a more darkened tone and grungy style. Expertly capturing the Talon-affiliated Support, Xephyr shared their completed Moira cosplay to much fanfare on January 14. 


Taking every minuscule detail into account, not only does the costume illuminate in the exact same way as its in-game counterpart, but the cosplayer donning the suit happens to strike a stunning resemblance to the hero of Irish descent. 

From the chest piece to the large tank on their back and even the headset, all notable aspects of the costume light up to match Moira’s default black and purple appearance. 

Striking a pose with a shifty look and their hands at the ready to either deal some damage or heal those on her side, this glowing cosplay has Moira prepared to take on any challenge. 


Having taken a few months to finalize the build, Xephyr is now able to take Moira around town and show off the remarkable cosplay to fellow Overwatch fans at local conventions. 

While the hero has been the source of much frustration in Overwatch of late, this costume is sure to dazzle even the most experienced competitive veterans.