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Diablo cosplayer rains heavenly justice as spectacular Tyrael

Published: 15/Nov/2021 13:41

by Lauren Bergin


Diablo’s former Archangel of Justice, Tyrael, has become one of Sanctuary’s most famous faces, and this stunning cosplay gives him a new lease of life.

For every Diablo fan, the High Heavens’ Tyrael is the strand that connects the three chapters (soon to be four) of the devilish series together.

Receiving quite the glow up coming into Blizzard’s Diablo 2 remaster, Diablo 2 Resurrected, the now human Aspect of Wisdom sees a triumphant return to his former angelic glory as a product of the enhanced 4k graphics.

Not only has he been given a breath of fresh air in-game, but he’s also been brought back down to our real-life Sanctuary by Adelaide-based cosplay duo, Hench & Scrap Foundry, in one of the most spectacular looks we’ve ever seen.


diablo 3 tyrael angel with sword
Blizzard Entertainment
Tyrael’s wings are clipped in Diablo 3, but Hench & Scrap’s cosplay unleashes justice once more.

Diablo Tyrael cosplay is here to see justice done

With the combined efforts of Scrap Shop Props (Oarin) and Henchwench (Clare), this stunning recreation of the iconic Diablo character has etched itself into the annals of Sanctuary’s history.

A project commissioned by Blizzard themselves, Clare told Dexerto that “they asked us to come up with an idea for something we could make for the Diablo II: Resurrected launch. Oarin has always wanted to make Tyrael, it’s a bucket list cosplay for him, so we suggested that, and then Blizzard greenlit the project.”

“I’ve always loved doing heavily armored builds, more so if they’re intricately detailed,” confesses Oarin. “White and gold colour schemes have always had a special place in my heart, too. Combine all these elements and you get a Tyrael!”


It’s not just the Archangel’s heavenly color scheme that attracted the pair, however, it was their love for the iconic franchise. While Clare describes herself as “a Diablo 3 baby,” Oarin recalls that “I played Diablo 2 in the late 00’s with a group of friends at LAN parties… There was a period of time there where it was actually the only game I had access to while I was away from home stuck with a yellowed-plastic PC from the 90’s!”

Their love for all things bloodstained and hellish truly shines through with this spectacular look, as every little detail is crafted to perfection. From the golden plates of the armor to the silver inlays that swirl across the breastplate, everything is masterfully recreated. Oh, and did we mention that the duo have even made those iconic wispy wings?



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“Something we didn’t have time to highlight in the making of video was the wings!” Oarin states. “I sketched out a massive grid on paper and transferred the exact curvature of a scaled down version of the
wings to it. From there it was easy to heat form the acrylic tube that would act as the wings structure.

“Then COB LED strip was run down its length, and the tubes were wrapped in plastic for
some extra body. Powering that amount of COB was certainly a challenge though, it was far more
current than most of our normal cosplay LED’s (2812B’s.)”


Clare confesses that that this cosplay was “definitely the most complex costume we’ve ever made,” so much so that “we added an extra FDM 3D printer to our workshop (we had three, now we have four) just for this one job because we knew we’d need to print so many parts at once.”


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For a full 360 degree view of the cosplay, the pair enlisted cosplay photographer and videographer, Steamkittens, to give fans a panoramic view of this stunning piece of art (see above.)

As the two continue to tear through the dimly lit caverns and bloody dungeons of Diablo 2 Resurrected together, we can wait to see what emerges on the other side.


Will we see Oarin embody Diablo himself next time around? Or is it Clare’s turn to give the likes of Auriel or Lilith a shot? Either way, we can wait to see what the team cook up next!