D.Va and Mercy celebrate Christmas together in festive Overwatch cosplay

Blizzard Entertainment

Two skilled Overwatch cosplayers decided to team up and get into the Christmas spirit together with their festive takes on healer Mercy and tank hero D.Va.

With only five days left until the big day at this time of writing, Christmas is literally just around the corner. If you’re not already in a celebratory mood, this might be just the thing to get you feeling merry.

Talented cosplayers Heloise and Sarah brought fan-favorite heroes Mercy and D.Va to life, and recreated a festive scene around the Xmas tree that will warm even the coldest of hearts.

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Blizzard EntertainmentHave yourself a merry little Overwatch Christmas…

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The perfect Christmas Overwatch cosplay

In a shot shared to Heloise’s Instagram page, the healer hero is posed gracefully in front of the tree, while the Korean tank sips hot tea with cookies and a teapot on the table.

The whole scene is incredibly festive, with decorations hung up on the walls, and couches covered from head to tip in Christmas-themed print.

D.Va sports a reindeer headband and a red and green dress, while Mercy wears a Santa-esque red and white dress with a faux fur shawl. They both match with striped knee-high stockings.

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Sarah shared a similar photograph to her Instagram account, but this time, the DPS character is pouring tea from the teapot into her healer friend’s cup as she huddles up on the couch.

The abundance of Xmas decor and colors makes their photoset the perfect Overwatch cosplay for the holiday season, and is sure to get anyone who sees it into the festive spirit.

It almost makes you want to jump right into the shot with them to join in with the merry celebrations – it looks so warm and cozy.

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Overwatch is currently in the midst of its Winter Wonderland 2019 celebrations, where fans can earn many Christmas-themed skins and unlocks – including a new Mercy skin.

It ends on January 2, giving players plenty of time over the holiday season and New Year’s to reap all the rewards.