This perfect Lucio rollout on King’s Row doesn’t even need speed boost

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An Overwatch player has shown off his mad wall-riding skills, perfectly completing a spawn-to-spawn Lucio rollout on King’s Row without needing a speed boost.

The spawn-to-spawn Lucio rollout on King’s Row is one of the most classic in Overwatch. You can fly from the attacker spawn, down the streets of London, all the way through to the defender spawn. 

While it’s widely considered one of the easier rollouts to do with speed boost enabled, this player turned the difficulty to 11 by showing off that it’s possible to do it with heal enabled.

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Blizzard EntertainmentKing’s Row is a Lucio player’s dream for wallriding and rollouts.

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Reddit user ‘Puffis_Senpai’ uploaded the clip of them doing the rollout from spawn to spawn on December 19, much to the awe of everyone on the Overwatch subreddit.

It plays out like your usual Lucio rollout on King’s Row, jumping from the bus to the statue, past Point A and down the streets phase. While this clip wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary if he was on speed boost, the fact that they did it on heal boost is remarkable.

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The speed boost allows Lucio to travel 15% faster, and while he still gets the passive wallride bonus while on heal, it makes some of the larger jumps a lot harder to hit.

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This is especially noticeable on a few jumps, specifically from Point A to the archway, from the middle of the streets phase to the lamp post, and trying to maneuver under the final section.

However, the Lucio player was able to maintain their composure to finish the rollout off in style with a cheeky spray near the enemy spawn.

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Not a lot of Lucio rollouts can be done without the assistance of speed boost, so the fact that he could show off one of the longest rollouts in the game with only heal is impressive.

Reddit: Puffis_SenpaiDoing the King’s Row rollout without speed is possible.

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However, the rollout is more of a flex if anything. There’s almost no reason to rollout with heal boost enabled, as it makes everything slower and a lot more difficult to execute. Even Puffis admitted that he wasn’t “doing practical things here, only fancy sh*t.”

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While you probably shouldn’t take this rollout into your next competitive game, it’s still a nifty trick that you can show off to your friends.

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