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Cosplayer lights up The Boys fans with stunning Starlight outfit

Published: 14/Jan/2020 13:16 Updated: 14/Jan/2020 15:36

by Kamil Malinowski


Cosplayer Florencia Sofen showed off an incredible take on Starlight – one of the main characters from ‘The Boys’. 

Florencia Sofen is a veteran cosplayer that’s done it all – from superheroes to games and various cartoon characters, she always manages to show off a breathtaking cosplay.

Things are no different now, as the Argentine has shown her extraordinary take on Annie January, also known by her superhero name Starlight.

Starlight is one of the main characters in The Boys.

The cosplay itself is rather unique, as few cosplayers take on the role of characters from The Boys, which portrays a darker take on superheroes. Regardless, Sofen absolutely nailed the outfit.


In fact, Florencia’s take may just look better than the official outfit from Amazon’s adaptation of the comic books. The overall costume design is flawless and almost perfectly matches the comic book’s iconic gold and white combo

The quality looks second to none, with everything looking incredibly clean and being exactly where it is supposed to be. Sofen managed to combine the colors of the comic book with the TV version of the outfit to perfection.


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Of course with this cosplay, it’s impossible not to mention the effects. The Argentine did a brilliant job showing off Starlight’s power to emit a blinding light from her hands and even included the iconic yellow eyes that only appear when it’s being used.


This really puts the cosplay together, adding another key part of the character, as well as an amazing lighting effect.

It’s difficult to imagine a Starlight cosplay getting any better than this one and if Florencia can keep up this level of quality then her fans will be in for a treat.