Apex Legends cosplayer impresses with top-tier Horizon outfit and Flatline skin

Brianna Reeves
apex legends horizon cosplay

A San Diego Comic-Con 2022 attendee met an incredible Apex Legends Horizon cosplayer who also came equipped with a model of the Heat Sink Flatline VK-47.

Dr. Mary Somers, aka Horizon, joined the Apex Legends universe upon the release of Season 7 in late 2020.

An Offensive Legend and scientist, Horizon is best suited for those who like experimenting with gravity and movement-based skills.

Like several other Apex Legends heroes, this particular character has inspired many fan-made creations, including cosplay outfits. It seems the love for Horizon hasn’t slowed to a stop, either.

Apex Legends Horizon cosplayer impresses at Comic-Con

apex legends horizon cosplay
Horizon in Apex Legends.

While navigating the Comic-Con show floor, Reddit user ReynaAlright encountered a cosplayer decked out in Horizon’s uniform.

ReynaAlright took a photo of the cosplayer but said they were “so nervous” that they didn’t ask for the cosplayer’s name.

As seen in the picture below, this design of the Horizon outfit features no shortage of incredible details.

The Redditor wasn’t the only one impressed by Apex Legends cosplayer. In the thread’s comments section, several other users pointed out the use of the awesome Flatline weapon skin.

“With the best Flatline skin too. *Chefs kiss*,” Chomusucc wrote. ParagonRenegade agreed: “Incredible work on the Flatline too.”

Apex Legends has continuously taken the world by storm since launching in 2019. The community’s ongoing passion for the battle royale experience exemplifies as much.

Of course, much of that passion is evident in Apex Legends cosplayers who’ve brought everyone from Horizon and Valkyrie to Bangalore and Bloodhound to life.

As developer Respawn continues introducing new characters, players won’t stop finding ways to immortalize them.