Apex Legends cosplayer’s high-flying Valkyrie cosplay stuns Respawn dev

apex legends cosplayer legendary valkyrie birthright skinRespawn / Twitter: bonehead jen

Apex Legends’ Valkyrie quickly defined herself in both the game’s meta and community popularity with her high-flying abilities, and this cosplayer has encapsulated her coolness in an incredibly impressive cosplay.

Valkyrie, added to Apex Legends back in Season 9, has defined her place in Apex Legends meta throughout 4 seasons. Thanks to her superior mobility and helpful tactical stun she has seen a lot of play in Ranked and public matches.

Despite Valkyrie’s overall popularity amongst the playerbase, however, it can certainly be a challenge for cosplayers to create faithful recreations of her in-game appearance in the real world due to the complexity of her armor and gear.

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Though one cosplayer by the name of ‘boneheadj’ (Jen) has managed to create an incredible cosplay, complete with Valkyrie’s iconic Jet Suit and armored harness.

Boneheadj’s Valkyrie cosplay is legendary

Jen posted her cosplay to the official Apex Legends subreddit on May 16, which swiftly went viral over the following days.

The post garnered over 2.5k upvotes, with plenty of replies congratulating her on her cosplay.

apex legends valkyrie and viperRespawn
Valkyrie and Viper in the ‘Northstar’ Stories from the Outlands trailer.

Jen’s cosplay is based on a specific Legendary Valkyrie skin called ‘Birthright.’ Fans of the Titanfall series will recognize Valkyrie’s armor as an homage to her father Viper, who appeared in Titanfall 2.

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In terms of Jen’s cosplay, the attention to detail is pretty staggering. While the outfit underneath is baggier than the in-game render, the armor on the knees, wrists, feet, and chest is spot on.

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Even the painted symbols on the helmet and chest piece match the in-game render to a tee.

The cosplay was so impressive that Jeremy Jodoin, a character artist at developer Respawn, commented on the post with an enthusiastic, “Hell yeah that’s awesome” in all capitals.

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Jen responded to the praise from Jodoin with equal enthusiasm, saying the skin was her “favorite skin in the whole game.”

Jen even mentioned using Jodoin’s artstation renders to get the details as accurate as possible, which shows in the finished product.

Fans of other great Apex Legends cosplay can find plenty more amazing efforts out there. Some of our favorites include this incredible Royal Gaurd Bloodhound, as well as this spot-on Loba from streamer RosieRiots.

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