Can Deadpool die? Every time Deadpool cheated death

Deadpool's various deaths and resurrections.Marvel Comics

Deadpool has faced, cheated, and even dated Death, but he usually manages to find a way back to the land of the living.

Deadpool’s whole schtick is that his healing factor lets him regenerate from even the most serious wounds. Don’t think that hasn’t stopped Marvel from teasing his death, though. 

In fact, Deadpool has died a couple of times throughout the history of comics. But like almost every other superhero, those deaths have not been permanent. Deadpool keeps finding a way back to the land of the living, even when he doesn’t want to. 

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Part of it is the long-standing feud with Thanos, who cursed Deadpool to never die so he couldn’t be with Death, who loved Deadpool but rejected Thanos. But mostly, it’s just that Deadpool might be the unluckiest person to ever put on a pair of red tights in the Marvel Universe. 

Every time Deadpool died and came back, explained

Deadpool has cheated death multiple times, but he’s never cheated on Death, so maybe he gets some credit for that. Here’s every Deadpool death and how he came back

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Deadpool and Death reconnect.Marvel Comics
Thrown off a cliff to die, Deadpool and Death kindle a new relationship.

Deadpool and Death Annual (1998)

One of the earliest instances of a definitive death for the Merc with a Mouth. 1998’s Marvel annuals saw characters teaming up, and Deadpool’s annual paired him with his on-again, off-again lady love, Death herself. 

The issue opens with Deadpool thrown off a cliff to his death. He spends some time with Death recounting his origin but fights the notion of truly dying and returns to the mortal realm. 

Ultimately, it was revealed that the person who threw him to his death was his longtime nemesis, T-Ray. It’s not the first time he’ll be involved with Deadpool’s death, ironically. 

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Deadpool's death from Funeral For a FreakMarvel Comics
After Weapon X sabotages his healing factor, Deadpool essentially dissolves.

Funeral for a Freak – Deadpool (1997) #59-64

Deadpool briefly takes a gig with Weapon X in exchange for a tech enhancement to his healing factor. It got rid of the scarring that afflicted his body but made him the target of a number of villains. 

After Weapon X member Sabretooth kills his long-time girlfriend, Vanessa, Deadpool rips out the chip so he can get revenge. Unfortunately, mid-fight, he learns that removing the chip has slammed his healing factor into reverse, and he’s dissolving into goo. 

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Deadpool’s hand is all that survives, and he seems ready for a blissful afterlife with death. T-Ray interferes again, though, reviving Deadpool with a mystical artifact so he can torture him once more. 

Deadpool's death from Deadpool #250Marvel Comics
Deadpool and his family die in the incursion leading into Secret Wars.

The Death of Deadpool – Deadpool (2013) #250

2013’s Deadpool run teased it would end with the death of Deadpool in its landmark 250th issue. Of course, it wasn’t quite the finale fans would have expected. 

Sure, the issue has tons of violence, big gun fights, and harrowing adventures. But Deadpool actually dies in the issue’s final pages as the world ends due to the Incursion that sets up Secret Wars

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Deadpool actually dies happy here. He’s on a yacht surrounded by family and friends and blissfully accepts his death. It’s why it’s so tragic that his death, along with everyone in the world, is undone following Secret Wars, and nobody remembers their final moments. 

Deadpool's death from Deadpool: The EndMarvel Comics
At the end of time, Deadpool embraces death at the hands of his daughter, Eleanor.

Deadpool: The End #1 (2020)

The final, true end of the Regenerating Degenerate takes place in Deadpool: The End. A series of stories set in the far-off future, The End focuses on the final moments of popular heroes.

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Deadpool: The End sees the resolution of a long arc wherein he had to kill his daughter; otherwise, her soul would belong to Mephisto. At the end of the universe, just as she’s dying of old age, Deadpool tries to kill Death so she can be immortal. Eleanor stops him and instead offers to detonate a massive bomb so she and Deadpool can die together. 

Deadpool, however, had actually manipulated events so Eleanor would kill them both, and he had been in allegiance with Death. Because he manipulated her into killing them, it circumvented Mephisto’s deal, allowing Eleanor a peaceful afterlife. Of course, whether it’s really Deadpool’s true death is up for debate, as the issue ends with a multiple-choice offering for readers who found Deadpool and Eleanor’s death too depressing. 

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That’s all we have now for Deadpool’s various deaths, but be sure to follow all our coverage for more.

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