YouTuber Houston Crosta reveals why the $2.6m Pagani Huayra is “junk”

Kieran Bicknell

For a man that owns a fleet of exotic cars, Houston Crosta has always wanted to drive a Pagani Huayra. Randy from Savage Garage gave him the opportunity, but the experience didn’t quite live up to Crosta’s expectations.

There’s an age-old saying “don’t meet your heroes” as they never quite live up to expectations. It would appear that the same rings true for cars, as YouTuber Houston Crosta found out the hard way.

In Royalty Exotic Cars’ September 27 video, Crosta finally had a chance to drive his “dream car” – The Pagani Huayra. Worth around $2.6-$2.8m, the Huayra belongs to fellow YouTuber Randy of Savage Garage.

Admitting semi-seriously that he would’ve paid Randy $20k to drive the Huayra, Crosta takes the keys for the car to make his “dreams come true.” From the word go, there are some issues – he can’t figure out how to start the overly-complex Pagani.

Houston Crosta drives Pagani Huayra
Sadly, the Huayra didn’t live up to Crosta’s “dream car” expectations.

Holding on for dear life

Once on the move though, the ‘dream’ continues to crumble for Houston. “All you can hear is turbos” Crosta explains while on the interstate, stating that they “need to straight pipe it… it could be way louder!”

The second issue he has is that, in no uncertain terms, he is “holding on for dear life!” The Huayra is so visceral, so fast and so bulky that it proves to be a handful to drive, even for someone experienced like Crosta.

Visibility is also an issue, due to the fender-mounted mirrors, which he says would make it near-impossible to daily-drive a car such as the Pagani.

“It’s hard to be confident”

The complexity of the interior is also an issue, with the window switches being “in the wrong place.” Not only that, but the centre console design makes it difficult to adjust anything such as the A/C while driving.

Once back in his Veyron, Crosta admits he’d “have the Veyron 10 times over the Huayra” and that he was “scared” to drive the Pagani. He wishes the Pagani had “luxury” in it and complained about how rough the ride quality was.

It was so bad, he explains it was “hard to be confident” behind the wheel. It looks like Crosta will be sticking with the Veyron for now, and has probably learned never to drive his dream car.