Casey Neistat blown away by “spaceship-like” electric Mercedes

Casey Neistat with Mercedes EQSTikTok / YouTube: CaseyNeistat

Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat has hit headlines after returning to YouTube to create daily vlogs. With him, he brings a wealth of previously-unseen footage, such as the time he drove the incredible Mercedes EQS electric car.

With more governments shifting towards outlawing internal combustion engines, electric vehicles (EVs) are looking to become the de facto mode of transport in the future.

In his September 25 video, YouTuber Casey Neistat reveals he was invited to drive the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS concept back at the start of 2020.

Reflecting on his most popular TikTok to date being a short clip of the EQS, Neistat chose to use the footage to build up a ‘vlog’ style video.

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mercedes-eqs-interior1YouTube: CaseyNeistat
The interior of the Vision EQS is “like a spaceship” according to Neistat.

“What’s the point?”

Immediately it is obvious that the Vision EQS is unlike any other EV seen on the road today. While only a concept car, Mercedes are actually building a production version of the all-electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the production version is unlikely to be as polarizing as the concept.

The interior is perhaps the most striking part. Clad in white leather, the raked-back seats, ambient lighting, fighter-jet steering wheel, and glass canopy look like something from Star Trek or Tron. Casey is shocked upon experiencing it for the first time, saying “this is like a spaceship!”

While behind the wheel of the EQS, Neistat asks the Mercedes representative “what’s the point in building such a fancy car, if you’re never going to actually make it?”

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One of the coolest EVs of 2020

They answer stating that they will in fact build a car “similar to [the EQS] but not exactly like it.” Mercedes have now followed through with their promise, and the production version is expected in 2021.

Powered by electricity only, the production version will have over 460hp (equivalent) from its electric motors. Not only that, but Mercedes says it will have a 435-mile range, and be built in a carbon-neutral factory.

Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest EV concepts seen during 2020. Casey says it’s “not lost on him” that he gets to experience such “amazing things” as this.

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With his recent return to YouTube and his daily vlogs, we might see more unreleased footage of the car at some point.