TheStradman shuts down neighborhood with insane $5m hypercar meeting

Kieran Bicknell
TheStradman hosts a supercar show on his driveway

With the Gold Rush Rally rolling through his home state of Utah, YouTuber TheStradman took full advantage of the situation. Arranging an incredible photoshoot, he shut down his street with millions of dollars worth of exotic cars.

As you can imagine, having half of a supercar rally turn up unexpectedly makes quite a scene. With a Pagani, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and more, the Savage Garage team (plus a few extras) made quite the entrance when they arrived in Stradman’s neighborhood.

“This is absolutely legendary… half of Gold Rush Rally is here” exclaimed Strad as the cars continued to pile into his cul-de-sac.

TheStradman hypercar gathering
With a combined value of at least $4.4m, this was one incredible driveway photograph.

With so many high-performance exotic cars, the group caused a lot of noise as they maneuvred their cars onto Stradman’s driveway: “I can see the neighbors all looking through their windows… I’d like to apologize formally to each and every one of you!”

Randy’s Pagani Huayra struggled to get onto the drive since it is so low, and has an extended carbon fiber splitter on the front. Thankfully, it made it on in one piece, and Strad was quick to draw comparisons between it and his Veyron.

“This interior is so much cooler than the Veyron” he exclaimed excitedly. “Bugatti, take note… this interior, there’s nothing quite like it!”

Surprisingly, his neighbors were all completely fine with their street being taken over. One even joked that he was “bringing down the value of the neighborhood” but it was all in good jest.

Clip starts at 2:08

Many even went as far as coming out of their houses to view the spectacle, and the Gold Rush teams were all accommodating of curious kids seeing these exotic cars for the first time.

With a total of 12 cars and a value of at least $4.4 million on his driveway, Stradman successfully shut down his entire neighborhood. Even Burlacher appeared on the roof of the house, having taken time out of his workday to appreciate everything going on.

Eventually, after a number of photoshoots, plenty of B-roll filming and a few broken eardrums, the group left to re-join the Gold Rush Rally.

Despite their short stay, it gave Stradman one of the coolest experiences of his YouTube career so far, and definitely made a few new friends in the street.

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