SuperCarBlondie explains why the 2020 Ford GT is ridiculously exclusive

Daniel Cleary

[jwplayer h3XPfMqQ]YouTube car enthusiast Alex ‘Supercar Blondie’ Hirschi has revealed why the new 2020 Ford GT is one of her favorite hypercars and why it is so exclusive.

Supercar Blondie has managed to build a massive following of over 3.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she documents her experiences with tons of the most expensive vehicles around.

The popular YouTuber is no stranger to getting her hands on new or exclusive hypercars for her videos and, in her latest upload on June 27, she revealed one of her favorite ones yet.

supercar blondie next to ford gt car
Supercar Blondie explained that the 2020 Ford GT was one of her favorite hypercars.

Supercar Blondie revealed that she managed to get a full look at the 2020 Ford GT and even took it for a short spin, highlighting many of its impressive features.

“I’m here in one of my favorite, ever, hypercars. I’m going to show you what makes this car so special,” she revealed, sharing a look at the car’s exterior.

She explained, shortly after, that one of the biggest factors in what made it her favorite cars was not even its specs, but the fact that it was extremely exclusive among car collectors.

Hirschi added that even if someone had more than enough money to purchase one of the new 2020 GT’s, they would still have to be selected by Ford after submitting an application.

“What makes this car so incredibly unusual is that you have to apply to own one of these cars, now even if you had all the money in the world you still cannot just go and buy one. Ford Motors has to give you that allocation,” Supercar Blondie revealed.

The YouTube star later admitted that the car’s design was also among some of her favorites and added that it was quite different from Ford’s traditional range of car models.

She also revealed that while the Ford GT would cost any car collectors, who were lucky enough to be selected, over $500,000 at retail price, she estimated that second-hand GT’s could easily sell for over $1 million with how exclusive they are.

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