Manny Khoshbin finally reveals his exclusive $2m McLaren Speedtail

An image of manny khosbin with his McClaren SLRYouTube: Manny Khosbin

Popular YouTuber and car collector Manny Khoshbin has revealed the final look and specification of his brand-new $2,000,000 McLaren Speedtail Hermes edition. 

Like many car specific YouTubers, Manny Khoshbin has an extravagant collection – ranging from some incredible one of kind cars to some that are super rare having been produced in only small numbers. 

Khoshbin, who is a real estate investor by-day, takes things up a level with his collection, however, as he has a number of Hermes edition vehicles. These cars are kitted out in collaboration with the French luxury goods company – as they give him colors for paint, work on the interior design, and a few other details.

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An image of Manny Khosbin showing a McClaren SpeedtailYouTube: Manny Khosbin
The Speedtail marks Mclaren’s next venture into the hypercar market.

His brand-new McLaren Speedtail, which has a $2 million price tag, is another of these Hermes editions, as Khoshbin has revealed the final specs – though he did leave one final decision to his viewers. 

The real estates turned YouTuber noted that the Speedtail will be decked out in one of Hermes’ most popular colors, a deep shade of blue, and have a classic brown leather interior. Though, he wasn’t quite sure if he should shell out a further $100,000 for a roof scoop.

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“Personally, without the roof scoop to me, it looks slickers, more elegant,” noted Manny, showing off a few different views as to how the car would look both with and without the finishing touch of the scoop.

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The YouTuber added that it isn’t “that big of a difference,” but he was going to leave it up to his viewers so that they could chime in. He didn’t reveal as to when he would be receiving the car, so, fans of his channel will just have to keep their eyes peeled and watch out for his reveal video that will eventually come in the future.