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Manny Khoshbin reveals 3 supercars he’s buying from Geneva Motor Show

Published: 16/Mar/2020 12:55

by Jacob Hale


Car YouTuber Manny Khoshbin has revealed which three supercars he’s going to order from the Geneva Motor Show 2020 – and every car lover is already filled with envy at his growing collection.

The Geneva Motor Show is the biggest car show of the year, bringing petrolheads from across the world to the Swiss city to take a look at some of the most exciting new vehicles coming from their favorite automakers.

Of course, the event was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, but that doesn’t mean the companies kept their big reveals under wraps, and the likes of Porsche, Koenigsegg and Aston Martin will be finding new ways to market their supercars to fans. So which ones will Manny be going for?

Instagram: mannykhoshbin
Khoshbin’s car collection is estimated to be worth in excess of $30 million.

After reeling off some of the most notable vehicles due to be revealed, Manny shared with viewers the first one he plans to buy: the Koenigsegg Gemera, which he defines as “extremely attractive” because he doesn’t have a four-seater to take his family for a joy-ride.

The next one he reveals he is buying is the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut – a car being tipped as the “fastest on the planet.” Manny says that although he ordered the track version, he’s now seen the Absolut and makes the pun that it is “an absolute must” to add to his collection.

The last on Manny’s list is the McLaren 765LT, a car that he says seems interesting but is a little on the fence about it, suggesting he’s going to need a test drive to make his decision on the vehicle.

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Khoshbin goes on to reveal some of the cars he’s already got on the way, including a Ford GT and McLaren Speedtail. In short, he’s probably got one of the fastest car collections in the world.

In total, the three cars he’s planning on ordering from the Geneva Motor Show are expected to add up to almost $7 million, with the Gemera rumored to be the cheapest of the three at around $1.7m.

Of course, none of this is set in stone and, knowing Manny, he may end up with way more than what he’s suggested in this video – and we don’t exactly blame him.


FaZe Rug surprised with dream car after girlfriend destroys his G Wagon

Published: 28/Oct/2020 17:53

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator and FaZe Clan member Brian ‘Rug’ Awadis was left stunned after his girlfriend Kaelyn and cousin Anthony “destroyed” his Mercedes G Wagon before surprising him with his dream car, a new Rolls Royce Phantom 8.

Since he first started with Call of Duty trickshot videos, FaZe Rug has gone on to build a massive online following, with over 17 million subscribers following his main channel for his entertaining vlogs.

The YouTuber is best known for his hilarious prank videos, but during his latest upload, he was finally the victim of one of these cruel pranks.

Faze Rug cousin writing on car window
FaZe Rug, YouTube
Rug’s Mercedes G Wagon was “destroyed” during his latest prank video.

In his October 27 video, Rug’s girlfriend Kaelyn and cousin Anthony decided to prank the content creator while he was inside a store, shopping and filming for one of his upcoming food vlogs.

Shortly after he walked into the store, Kaelyn and Anthony went straight for his car in the parking lot, “destroying” the G Wagon by tagging it with different drawings and insults, before hiding nearby to catch his reaction.

After the content creator eventually left the store and realized what had happened, he was devastated by the damage that had been done to his car, “we come out and my car has paint on it, this is actually not okay.”

However, after quickly realizing that the paint on his car could be washed off, Rug went back to his house where a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom 8 was parked in his driveway.

After being surprised by Kaelyn and Anthony, who confirmed they were the ones who vandalized his G Wagon, Rug revealed that the Arctic White Rolls Royce Phantom, which costs $450,000 for a base model at retail, was actually his “dream car.”

Unfortunately for the FaZe star, the excitement from the surprise did not last too long after his girlfriend explained that it was, in fact, a “double prank” and that the new Rolls Royce wasn’t his to keep.

Although he couldn’t keep the car, Rug still remained hopeful about getting a Phantom for himself in the future and revealed that the devastating prank had inspired him to get his revenge.