Jon Rettinger reveals key differences between all Tesla Model 3 variants

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer w1ZPKpvN]Popular YouTuber Jon Rettinger examined the key differences between the Tesla Model 3 family, and explained just how each variant stacks up against one another when looking closer under the hood.

Tesla dethroned Toyota Motor Corp. as the world’s most valuable automaker on July 1, and as one of the most affordable entry points in their lineup, the Model 3 has attracted the eyes of many potential car enthusiasts since it entered production in 2017.

However, the different packages that the esteemed model comes in can be pretty confusing, since the company’s website nor showrooms have all of the options readily available to review, so Rettinger broke down the nuance truths about every kind.

There’s something for everyone with the different packages of the Model 3.

The appearance shouldn’t play too much into the decision-making, according to the YouTuber. Every Model 3 looks near-identical, which takes that particular pressure off of future buyers.

One of the most basic entry models is called the Standard Range Plus, which goes 0-60 in 5.3 seconds with a top speed of 140 MPH. At around $38,000 to start, this model will give drivers about a 250 mile range before having to recharge.

“[The Model 3 Standard Range Plus] didn’t have music streaming, didn’t have an internet browser, and a bunch more,” Rettinger said, noting how the car gets better over time. “Via the over-the-air software updates, the car got all of that.”

For a starting price at $47,000, the Dual Motor Long Range will start to include some premium features along with an increased range that gives drivers a 322 mile limit per charge.

With an uptick in the sound system, premium seating, and the like, this is where your money starts to provide a bit more comfort to a vehicle that can go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds while topping out at 145 MPH.

But if you’re okay sacrificing a bit of range for a faster car, the Performance Long Range at $55,000 is going to be the deluxe package to aim for. This model has a top speed of 162 MPH but only a 299 mile range because of the 22-inch wheels that come with this entry.

Even at the base level, buys can get a ton of value from a Model 3, according to Rettinger.

Then there’s the Full Self-Driving Capability upgrade option for about $8,000, which bolsters the standard Autopilot feature that is highly sought-after by enthusiasts.

The Model 3 has been a favorite with Rettinger because of the overall value that it gives to consumers, and should be a popular buy-in for drivers for some time to come.