Archie Hamilton explains why he’s finally selling his Porsche GT3 RS

YouTube: Archie Hamilton Racing

Popular Car YouTuber Archie Hamilton has explained why he’s selling his Porsche GT3 RS after only owning it for around a year.

Like many other car YouTubers, Archie Hamilton has been able to give his viewers a pretty nice look at, and behind the wheel of, some of the world’s most expensive and unique cars. 

That has included a £60,000 Tesla Model 3 that actually has engine noises, but in recent videos, he’s been focusing on his own collection of cars. Though, while fans might enjoy seeing his personal collection, he is finally parting ways with a key piece in the form of his Porsche GT3 RS – even though he said he wasn’t going to. 

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Archie Hamilton Racing
Archie Hamilton has shown off some pretty unique cars on his YouTube channel.

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The Porsche racing driver explained why, after around a year owning the car and much deliberation, he’s decided to move on and sell the car in his newest video. 

“I’ve made it no secret that, this year, I’m making my racing return in the GT4 series, so keeping the GT3 RS, it just… yeah, it was time for it to go,” Archie said, noting that when he first got the car it was “the best thing ever,” but he’s since done everything he wanted to with it.

“I actually did everything I wanted to do with it,” the popular British YouTuber added, “and I just came to the decision that now is the right time [to let it go.]”

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While selling a car can come with a pretty heavy financial loss, Archie noted that his GT3 RS might be a little more valuable than normal considering it has an ultraviolet paint job that has since been discontinued. 

“It’s between 150 and 160,000 pounds but that’s a lot of car for the money because this, what I paid for it, it’s not too dissimilar – so they are holding money really, really well,” he continued. 

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Though the racer said himself that he might have been making the wrong decision by selling it, he added that it was pretty much the last time he’d ever see it and sit in the driver’s seat. 

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What he’ll opt to buy in terms of a replacement, however, will come further down the line, so fans will have to keep their eyes peeled to his uploads.