Archie Hamilton explains why he can’t sell his Porsche GT3 RS

Archie Hamilton Racing

Popular car YouTube Archie Hamilton has explained why he still hasn’t sold his Porsche GT3 RS despite it having disappeared from his channel in recent months. 

Like many car-based YouTubers, Archie Hamilton has a pretty impressive collection of cars that leaves viewers looking on enviously. Though, he recently sold his Range Rover SVR sport and revealed that he won’t be grabbing an Audi RS6 2020 despite paying a deposit on his order.

However, it is the GT3 RS that many fans of the Porsche racing driver didn’t expect to see return to the fold. The car had stopped appearing in Archie’s videos – even in the background to his others – in favor of the Mercedes A45 and SVR Sport – before it was sold. Yet, it is now back with him.

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An image of Archie Hamilton's cars in the rain.Archie Hamilton Racing
The Porsche GT3 RS (L) had disappeared from Archie’s channel in recent months.

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The YouTuber addressed it’s disappearance in his most recent video, noting that it had been put in storage and he did have it up for sale – and that was the last time that his fans heard about it. Since then, it was set to leave his collection completely but things didn’t work out. 

“I’ve had offers on it. I’ve had two proper serious people come to see it,” Archie explained. “They test drove it and then were just trying to lowball me with it and I was like, look, I don’t need to sell it. If it’s the right price, I would sell it but I love it that much that I’m like what else is going to beat it.”

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His GT3 RS hasn’t even got all that many miles on the clock either, but Archie still had it due in for a service that would set him back around £2,500. Though, the YouTuber accepted that he ultimately would sell the car “if the money was right.”

However, getting rid of it for the sake of funding his racing wouldn’t make sense, he said, as it would only fund about a weekend’s worth of racing. What he’ll do with the Porsche still remains to be seen but, for now, it is sticking with him.

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