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Archie Hamilton tests insane £60,000 custom Tesla Model 3 Performance

Published: 8/Mar/2020 16:47

by Connor Bennett


Popular car YouTuber Archie Hamilton Racing got behind the wheel of his friend’s pretty nicely customized Tesla Model 3 performance that has one thing that sets apart from the rest. 

As a YouTuber who focuses on cars content and also being a Porsche racing driver, Archie Hamilton has been able to take some pretty swish cars for a spin – be it on the road or a track. 

The Brit regularly shows off his car collection – which includes a Porsche GT3 RS that he can’t quite part ways with, and a Mercedes A45. However, in his most recent video, it was his friend’s Tesla Model 3 performance that he got to share with his viewers – taking it for a test drive and showing off some pretty unique features.


Archie Hamilton Racing
Archie Hamilton is one of YouTube’s most popular car content creators.

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In his March 7 upload, the YouTuber and racing driver met up with fellow racer Tom Onslow Cole and got to grips with his £60,000 custom Tesla from Milltek Sport. 

As its a Tesla, and subsequently an electric vehicle, the car isn’t supposed to make any noise as a normal gas-powered vehicle would. However, this one was fitted with a system that made it roar and sound like something to be feared.

After hearing the noise for the first time, the YouTuber was slightly taken back by what he heard – especially as his friend noted that it could be changed to a different sound and much higher volume. Tom even joked that, with it being an electric car, there may also be a way to add some pretty unique noises in the future – like sounds from Star Wars.


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Though, that wasn’t the only custom upgrade. The YouTuber also discovered that in addition to 21’ rims, the Tesla had been lowered and placed on a track suspension – which had been used for a rapid run around Silverstone.

As he drove the car, Archie seemed pretty impressed and noted, after handing the keys back over to his pal, that he wouldn’t mind adding one to his collection. Of course, if he will do that remains to be seen, especially as he’s already canceled an order for a brand-new Audi RS6 2020.