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Zombies characters leaked for Black Ops 4 DLC pack one, and they all resemble celebrity actors

Published: 4/Dec/2018 20:18 Updated: 4/Dec/2018 20:30

by Albert Petrosyan


It appears that the Zombies characters for the first DLC pack in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have been leaked, according to information posted by several users on Reddit.

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After the latest Black Ops 4 update went live on December 3, four new characters reportedly appeared in the Zombies mode of the game.

Images of these characters were immediately posted on Reddit, and many began assuming that these characters were going to be part of the game’s first DLC pack. 

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Upon first glance, one thing that stands out about them is that they have a striking resemblance to celebrity actors, with the first three looking like Lucy Lawless, Charles Dance, and Kiefer Sutherland respectively. 


It’s unclear but very likely that these celebrities will also be doing the voice acting for the characters in-game, although the identity of the fourth person remains unconfirmed as of now. 

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Lucy Lawless
Charles Dance
Kiefer Sutherland
Identity yet undetermined.

It’s not exactly clear how these Reddit users were able to get access to images of these characters. It’s very likely to have just been a glitch, since new game files after updates are not accessible on PlayStation 4 like they are on PC.

If these leaked images are legitimate, then this would be the first hint of any new DLC content for Black Ops 4, since neither Activision or Treyarch have announced anything about DLCs.


Traditionally, the first DLC for a CoD title releases about two months after launch, which would technically be this month for Black Ops 4 since it launched in mid-October.

Furthermore, Activision had announced prior to the game’s release that DLC content would be released more often for this title than in previous years, which has always seen four DLC packs per CoD game. 

However, until any official announcement or confirmation is made about the upcoming DLC, these images of new Zombies characters should be treated as nothing more than speculation. 

SOURCE: r/CODZombies