Players highlight major issue with off-center aim for snipers and reticles in Black Ops 4

Calum Patterson. Last updated: Dec 04, 2018

Black Ops 4 players, particularly those who use a sniper, have run into a potentially major issue affecting the aim mechanics, where the sniper’s scope appears to be off-center.

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In a number of Reddit posts, users have shared what appears to be a problem with snipers, although it is possible it is a deliberate move to prevent ‘quickscoping’ being too easy.

This has lead to frustration for some players though, as they feel the weapons are made too inconsistent by this alteration. Not only this, but some players have found that certain reticles are in fact off-center too, affecting all weapons, not just snipers.

Image via u/CrookConflict
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In a video shared to Reddit by u/ItsAutobot, the centering of the player’s aim is thrown off somewhat, not resetting to the initial position.

This appears to be caused by the center of the player’s screen itself being moved, only slightly, despite the player not moving their character or aim.

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Despite frustrations, some have pointed out that this could be a design choice by developers Treyarch, in an effort to reduce the effectiveness of quickscoping.

The use of snipers in this way has long been a contentious topic in the community, splitting opinion between players who use regular guns vs those who use snipers.

However, in past games, even Treyarch’s previous entry in the series, Black Ops 3, this harsh aim penalty for using snipers was not implemented, so it’s unclear if this is intentional or not in Black Ops 4.

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There have also been reports of certain reticles being off-center, such as the ‘Echelon’ sight, when used on any weapon.

Image via u/Nannar1

Treyarch are yet to respond to these complaints, but continue to roll out frequent updates to fix bugs and glitches, so presumably it will be on their to-do list – if it is indeed an unintended bug.

You can read the most recent Black Ops 4 patch notes here, which included various stability improvements and bug fixes.